Thursday, March 3, 2011

Running full tilt sometimes works.

Today was busy, sewing class till noon and then my trials and tribulations detailed in a prior post. Now, it's post tennis lesson drop off (eldest) and post violin lesson drop off (youngest) and current fencing lesson drop off (still youngest).  The Block-a-palooza quilt block #12 had some design elements that have appeared in some of the other blocks. And one thing I do like about the overall 9-patch design are that the subsections are interchangeable. Perhaps this has occurred to everyone but me, but I am finally getting the hang of this. So, I get to thinking that the large diamonds could be made by not splitting the initial center fabric block and sewing it back together. I love the 8 flying geese, but I love pinwheels too, so why not both. And although mostly everyone seems to sew those tiny squares with perfection, that skill escapes my best efforts. So, with all that whining now released, here is my solution/contribution.
"Oh, I remember", block variation (blocks 6, 11&12)

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