Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mom, all because of you......

Mom, this...............

sewing machine cover is all because of you. Let me explain. I remember you telling me a few things when I was younger. (I'm sure there were lots of other things you told me that I don't remember, but then,  since I don't remember those, I can't hold you accountable). One: don't ask anyone to do something for you that you can do yourself. Two: Company over for dinner is NOT the time to try a new recipe. I know some of you are scratching your heads wondering what those words of wisdom have to do with sewing. Well, I am participating in the Sewn Spaces Swap. This swap is for a sewing machine cover. I make one for someone and someone makes one for me. I am asking someone to make a sewing machine cover for me when, I'm pretty sure I could (if motivated enough) make one for myself. Sorry mom, it just seemed nicer if someone else did it. And to top it off...... I was sending (equal to company) someone a machine cover and I had never tried the recipe (think making a sewing machine cover) before. So, Mom, heading your sage advice, I decided to tackle a sewing machine cover BEFORE I gave a sewing machine cover to someone in the swap.  The photos are my attempt to perfect my skills. I had a ball making it and feel somewhat better that at least I've tried before I gifted.
Here are some other views......

looking at the front and right sides

looking from the left side

close up of the birds in frames (background fabric is actually a lovely spring green see above photos)

more up close birds

hiding in the corner

Fabric selection:
Cage Free- Michael Miller (birdie fabric)
Jungle Fever, Swirls- Freespirit (blue border)
Pink dot
Garden Pindot- Michael Miller (black dot)
Tula Pink Parisville- Freespirit
Kona solid- Robert Kaufman (green background)

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