Thursday, March 3, 2011

Block 12, we are in the home stretch....

Todays block gave me the fits, it shouldn't have, but yikes today I could not cut, 5.25" became 5.5" and when your making geese that seriously throws everything out of whack. I should have realized that on goose numero uno, but it took me to goose #6 before it dawned on me that perhaps something was off (yup, by precisely 1/4 inch-if I do say so myself). So, after cutting some more fabric,  again,  and spending some serious time with my seam ripper, this is what emerged.

Block 12
I do like it, but alas, the battery on my camera is low so the photo is dark. I hope to make an additional block (with a minor design change) and a variation on this block, once I take a deep breath an go cut some more fabric. Stayed tuned.

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