Friday, March 25, 2011

a low calorie addiction

I've been avoiding these. Mainly because I knew if I started I might not be able to stop. I searched around and found some great directions and printed up some hexi paper and then I was hooked. As a disclaimer, I do not like cutting out all those paper hexagons. But once that is done, OHHHHH!  I have found a new thing to do in the car while waiting for school pick up, tennis lessons, violin lessons etc., etc. I might actually be able to turn those endless hours into something beautiful. Perhaps I secretly wish I had know about these sooner- perhaps not. To top it off, concurrent with the hexi's,  I stumbled upon an addition that's taking over the on line sewing/crafting/quilting world- I mentioned this is a previous blog...... mug rugs. I've made one, have one minus the binding done and 2 tops without their batting, backing and binding. I'll show you what I've done so far and you can decide....... if you get the mug rug madness click on the mug rug swap on my side bar and sign up.

hexi's and the front of my almost finished mug rug

back of the mug rug

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  1. Love the mug rug! I have purchased the hexagon papers one day when I was feeling extravagant and keep hiding them in the drawer. As the weather gets nicer I am sure they will become a backyard project.


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