Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It was messy but so worth it!

 It was messy, as you can see. But now it's cleaner. I have more horizontal surface to work on and big 2 bags of stuff went out of my work space. It felt soooooo good that I made something. Something with a really fun fabric I bought last year because I liked it, but didn't have a plan in mind as how I might actually use it. Problem solved. I used the Lilly Apron by Busy Bee Quilt Designs and I must confess, my main objective was not to spare my clothes from inadvertent spills while whipping up a fab meal for my family. Primary goal, to keep all those threads off my clothes and spare my children the constant duty of reminding me that I have "something" stuck on my sweater, shoe, pants etc., etc. You get the picture.
I used Alexander Henry's "sew now! sew wow! fabric and took a few hours to complete a perfect project that is THE solution to my thread problem.  I used a lovely cream and black polka-dot contrasting fabric on the straps and pockets and voila! I love the bow in the back but think it will only look that way on the mannequin. (I'm not that adept at making bows behind my back, but we'll see). It was nice to take a bit of a break from making quilt blocks. Now I have something to wear when I "sew now!". And if all goes well, I might actually venture up and cook some dinner too.

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  1. Seriously cute apron. I buy fabric too just because I like it. It's my "just cuz" fabric. I need to make something cute now!!



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