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Stashtacular stash post- Thursday Headbands and Hexies


I don't have a scale big enough to weigh my stash. I guess I could load it onto a small truck and drive it through one of those weigh stations seen at infrequent intervals along our interstate system, but I am totally afraid of what might happen. A break down and them how would I explain to the nice officer what ALL that fabric was doing in the truck…. So, I'm posting a few photos of what some would call excess…..  (If I had a bigger sewing area, I could spread everything out and it would look more organized, less excessive, but I have what I have and I like it). They say a picture is worth a thousand words…….



Supplies (including thread)

Now, I must say there is nothing nicer than deciding to start a project and just having everything I need underfoot at hand. I'm hoping by the end of this month long Stashtacular I'll at least be able to get around my sewing space without getting lost. Make sure you check on  Jenna and Kelly  at their blogs to see what they are doing to decrease their stashes. Knowing both of them, it's both creative and stash-busting and totally Fancytastic (I'm so totally going to try and use that word as much as possible).

As promised yesterday, I have a few links for you if you've decided to bust some of your stash by making headbands/ hair adornment. These links have some really great, quick and easy tutorials and all are great ways to use scraps, which once used, will definitely bite into that {scrap} stash.

Simple but sweet headband by Ellen; Easy Fabric Headband by Carol and one that I tackled by Vanessa

I loved this one because it is reversible and I got to use more scraps. I already blogged about this is a previous post. I mean, what's not to like about this???? I would also like to thank Melissa (again) for originally sending me these links. So, Melissa, and everyone else out there reading/participating, here are some additional links I thought you might like as well.


and on to……Hexies

 (remember my warning????) Hold onto your socks, or they might fall off!
{Handsome} hexies- a Flickr group of all things made with hexies. Plan to spend several hours looking at all the great creations. You have to join the group if you want to read the discussions, etc. I suggest you do in order to satisfy your impending addiction curiosity. Here is a bit of (new to me) hexie information, they (hexies) are measured by the length of one of their straight sides. There are women out there making things (like quilts, real quilts, not little quilts) with hexies that are 1/4".  For comparison, that is the standard seam allowance on your quilt. CRAZY!!!

You can let go of your socks now, and take a deep breath. I thought perhaps I would share a few pictures of some things I have made this past year with my hexies. I have made them (hexies, not the actual projects) in a car, in a plane and on the beach.  I haven't yet taken to loitering in doorways or standing on street corners with a brown paper bag filled with hexies, but it may not be far off…… (I told you they were addicting fun to make).

Custom Bag for my partner in the Goodie Bag Swap, just noticed my finger in the picture, (yikes).  For reference these hexies are 1" in size.

ipad case in progress, the grey background fabric is linen- again 1" hexies
New hand towels for the powder room, flour sack towels from unbleached organic cotton (1" hexies)

And here's one that really made me wonder whether I needed my head eyes examined.

Yep, them's really small hexies, or so I thought- these are 1/2" hexies

Sewing the hexies onto 7/8" wide, lovely English woven cotton ribbon

A {s}hexie key fob. (1/2" hexies)
and a quilt, with REALLY big hexies!!! This pattern is free from Amy Butler.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow for some photo inspiration  here and at Blue Bird Sews, and Saturday for our first Stashtacular give away hosted by Kelly at Blue Bird Sews.  Kelly will be back again on Monday with more creative ways to bust your stash by hosting a tutorial for a quilted pin cushion!! (And just so you know, I am JELOUS I cannot win any of these prizes). Enjoy the weekend and have fun making things with your stash and photographing them so you can post them on the Flickr page. 

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  1. wow very nice! i just started making some hexies, i hope to make some kind of quilt out of it... got a few flowers started. Not much time during the summer to work on them, but when school starts, i'll have lots of time. Its a great project to take around and not have to lug a sewing machine.


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