Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Swap Partner…..

This post has nothing to do with the month long STASHTACULAR, however, besides that fun event, I do have a few "things" going on in the side. Mainly swaps, and since it's hard to insert them into the fun events of the STASHTACULAR, I'll reserve them for Sunday. Note: All these projects require fabric and if you are inspired to join a swap and make something for someone else, well, logic has it you WILL use up some of your stash.
Backstory: until this whole blog, Flickr, swap stuff entered my life, I went to the post office only infrequently, like at Christmas, occasional birthdays and for passports. I would order my stamps on line- I disliked going to the post office that much. NOW, I'm on a first name basis with the guy behind the counter and I'm mailing packages all over the USA and the world and I'm thinking, he's probably wondering what EXACTALLY is in ALL those packages and padded envelopes.  I can fill out a customs form as fast as the next person and know the cut off weight (that would be 4 pounds- thank you very much) for the short customs form vs the long customs form. (I have tried to avoid the long form, but this latest fabric swap pushed the scales over by 2 ounces- really), I actually said that ("REALLY???") and if I could have reached across the counter and extracted that 2 ounces without landing myself in Federal custody I would have.
So, my latest 2 swaps are the Sewn Spaces Swap and the Pretty {little} pouch swap. Without saying specifically where these 2 beauties are headed they will be going beyond the borders of the USA. Here are some photos. I hope you have a great weekend.

Sewn Spaces Swap,  This swaps requirements: needle case (Mouses' house), plus one other item (Mouse) in our partners "color",  and a note (Mouse Mail)

back of needle case. I love this fabric, don't know how accurate the ruler is, but you never know when you need to measure something. I hope I measure up to my partners expectations

interior 1st "page", needles and some buttons

interior middle, folding traveling scissors, little polka dot pocket holds a CC magnifying glass and my note (Mouse Mail)

Inside the "front" door, a needle threader and a safety pin. In an emergency you could use the door handle button, but then Mouse couldn't close the door.

Completed! Mouse un-zips on his tummy so he can hold things too. (Cute and versatile- very important for mice in general).
Pretty {little} pouch swap. Tailored to my secret partners "desires". She likes blue (understatement), linen and some kind of detail that catches the eye. So I did blue, (several shades), used a very soft and beautiful-to-sew indigo linen and then wove the linen strips back onto a linen backing. I used colored hand-set grommets to anchor the woven front and then backed those areas in a lovely spring green.  The idea for the grommets comes from the current trends in the fashion industry. This was my first attempt at setting grommets. (I did practice first, just in case). I like the visual interest of the cool zipper pull as well. The pattern is my own design. 

In my partners mosaic she nicely pointed out what caught her eye. In one she mentioned that she wouldn't mind having something, The sneak peak of the bitty bag in the interior hints at a secret partner "want".

Lining, lighter in color so things don't get lost.

Back of the bitty bag, there is a reason this is made with selvages……
I can't show more of the front without giving away the farm.  (Her name is beaded on the front.) 

interior of bitty bag. I won't say any more.
I'd love to hear what you have all been up too.


  1. You are so talented! Love all of your swap goodies. I know what you mean about the 2oz!
    Also just wanted to mention that I am LOving the sweet zip bag you made me :)

  2. Your swap partners are going to be so excited!! You made such fun and thoughtful goodies. I look forward to the day when I have more experience and better skills so I can participate in a swap. I love your Header.

  3. I genuinely think you're the most talented seamstress and quilter I know. The woven linen is inspired. And if your partner doesn't like your sewing set she must live on another planet. It's all so lovely, well done you!


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