Monday, July 11, 2011

Day One- STASHTACULAR, on your mark, get ready…. GO (have fun)!!


It's here and it's now!!!!
Welcome to STASHTACULAR, a stash busting extravaganza lasting 4 weeks, 30 days, 720 hours, 
43, 200 minutes. (That's a lot of minutes for fun and creativity).
 For those of you anxiously awaiting the start of the STASHTACULAR, the time has arrived, if you're new to this, head on over to the STASHTACULAR Flickr page and read all the delicious details of this month long stash busting event and join in on the fun.
Highlights: (although you can read all the delicious details over at the Flickr page, or at the opening day kick off at Blue Bird Sews). Every week we will have tutorials at Blue Bird Sews, Sew Happy Geek and Spontaneous Threads.  Every week we will also have prize giveaways:
Week 1, July 11-16, 2011 a $25.00 gift certificate at 1choice4quilting, given away 
by Kelly at Blue Bird Sews
Week 2, July 18-22, 2011 a $25.00 gift certificate at 1choice4quilting, given away
by Jenna at Sew Happy Geek
Week 3, July 25-30, is my week, with a Jelly roll from the Fat Quarter Shop.

In addition-
at the conclusion of Week 4 we will select a "grand prize winner" that will be announced by Jenna at Sew Happy Geek. This grand prize winner will receive a Jelly roll from the Fat Quarter Shop, and a Quilt Pattern Book from Puddle Ducks Fabrics.
another winner will receive a Jelly Roll courtesy of the Fat Quarter Shop
from all of you that submit pictures to the STASHTACULAR Flickr group, one lucky winner 
will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from 1choice4quilting
the hosts of the STASHTACULAR Jenna, Kelly and Stephanie (me) will be giving away to several lucky "runners-up" many of the items that they have made in their tutorials. (I'm certain I have done something awful to the English language in that last sentence).
AND (just in case there was not enough prizes to be passed out) one lucky STASHTACULAR participant will have an item they made from one of our tutorials (and posted to the STASHTACULAR Flickr group) featured on all three of our blogs- oh, yeah!!!

So, you need to go Join the fun over on Flickr, and sign up for the STASHTACULAR event and the  International fabric swap (oh!-, there is that too….. think about this, at the end of the month you will get some fabrics from some other STASHTACULAR participant because you sent fabrics to be swapped and because now you have some room for those fabrics because you made all those stash busting, awesome tutorials- for swap details check the STASHTACULAR Flickr group page ). The Flickr page is also where you will post photos for the  "tutorial" make contest.

THEN (It gets easier after day one and all the housekeeping is over with).
 check in daily Monday through Saturday, with Jenna, Kelly and me at our blogs to see what we have featured each day (hint: on some days we will have different things going on on each blog- we had so much to share with all of you we couldn't keep all the fun in just one place). 

In the end, there will be some fun fabric that gets swapped (stash busting), some great tutorials that get made (also stash busting) and some great prizes to be won (OK maybe not so stash busting- but rewarding none the less). All three hosts took the STASHTACULAR pledge and all 3 of us will be making many of the tutorials along with all of you! There will be some great discussion threads on the Flickr STASHTACULAR group page and perhaps helpful hints and suggestions as well- we will be checking in and chiming in. 
So, now it's up to you- come join the fun!

Today begins with a Baby Onesie tutorial by Kellie at Blue Bird Sews. This would be a great gift, or if you have little ones, something you NEED. Go visit Kelly and get those onesies going.

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