Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fly fly away

IF anyone is going to these shows could you PLEASE take a picture of my quilts?????
Many, many thanks

AQS Quilt Week- Chatanooga, 2014 Bad Ass Quilting Special Exhibit (September 10-13)
Open and Shut

AQS Quilt Week- Des Moines, 2014 Bad Ass Quilting Special Exhibit (October 1-4)

International Quilt Festival, Houston: Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit (October 30- November 2, 2014)
(I may see you there for this one since I'm still pinching myself)
Fade to Gray
Colorado 4x4


  1. I am plotting to go to Houston. Lovely to see your quilts going off to shows.

  2. Very cool that you have so many showing!

  3. Wonderful! I wish I were going to any of them, especially since I used to live in Chattanooga, once upon a time! these are all fabulous entries!!!!

  4. Congrats on all the shows!! I got to see my quilt at Market last year and it was beyond thrilling. Hope you get to go.

  5. Wow--you are amazing to get all these in the shows. I admire your industry and drive. . . and of course, your quilt. They are all beautiful.

  6. I want to see one of your quilts in person one day so please submit to Quiltcon or something within 60 miles of where I live . . . no joke. They are amazing. Good luck!


  7. I love your quilts - I really really do!

  8. I saw Fade To Gray at quilt market. It was hands down my absolute favorite of the modern group!! Beautifully done! Those slivers of red you worked in were marvelous.

    Well done!


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