Friday, May 31, 2013

To all teachers, thank you

Even though my eldest is leaving high school, he still wanted to say thank you to 2 special teachers.
This fabric was recently purchased from a new store in my neighborhood. Treelotta, check it out!
                                   Perhaps you guess which two subjects these teacher taught??

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello, my name is Teresa-

More fun with the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild. For 2013 we have had "swaps"- each month something different.
For the Month of May- name tags. We wear then at out meetings, good way to meet the new folks. I got Teresa. She asked if the person who got her would piece her name. At first I'm thinking perhaps Teresa doesn't want to wear a signboard…. so with a little help from the photocopy machine and a pile of tiny scraps, and a wee bit of creative license, Teresa has her pieced name, name tag.
These letters are SMALL. The size of the finished name tag is only 4.5 x 4".
It's densely quilted with Aurifil Thread to match the background fabric (Kona Snow)

The name tag comes with a sewn lanyard. Lots of rainbow goodness. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Market Bags to-go!

More fun across the Atlantic. Trading Market Tote bags with Corinne (PiecedbyPeace). These are the ones I made for her.

One side of the zig-zag tote (Center pocket pieced from quilting cotton scraps)
Tote body made from Decor weight cotton
One side of the curli-que tote (Center pocket pieced from quilting cottons scraps)
Tote body made from Decor weight cotton
 Soon they will leave here and get to go shopping in Germany. At least if she puts them down they will be easy to find!
Reverse sides of the above totes!! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

From Denver to Boston, with Love

       Have you heard
       I'm sure you have

To Boston With Love

                                                The details you haven't heard
                                                 I grew up near Boston
                                                 I lived in downtown Boston for 4 years
                                                 I have cheered for the runners in the Boston Marathon
                                                 I now live in Denver
                                                 My local Modern Quilt Guild is sending their love
                                                 I'm sending mine too……
picture taken right after (another) spring snow storm!