Monday, September 30, 2013

More from Fabricate

I'm up in Boulder more than I thought….. if anyone is interested, I'll be adding an additional class to the  Free Motion Quilting Classes I've been teaching. The Jane Market Tote,

come take a class with me in Boulder, it will be great fun. You can check out all the classes at Fabricate, here. (Corey picked out the fabric for this sample tote- I love all the pattern and color).

Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Capitol Quilt Show

It's such a beautiful venue for hanging art…. quilts.
Here goes:
The quilts were hung, 3 stories high in the central, north and south rotundas

I'm just noticing how they mimic the ceiling

 And here are some of my favorites:
"College Bound" by Nola Greenwald

"Starry Night" by Flo Williams

"Circles of Life" by Marsha Loewenberg (quilted by Jeannie Swanson)

"Golden Wedding Ring" by Neoma Garl, made for a friends 50th wedding anniversary and hand quilted!

"Walk the Path" by Pat Moore.  (Quilted by Rita Meyerhoff).
and….. one of the reasons I was so keen to go
my "Tail Wind" quilt

Such an important doorway, flags and all.

sneaking a peek from the first floor of the south rotunda, right by the  Capital Tour desk!
If you want to see the show, it's open until October 10th, 2013. Monday through Friday 7:30 am until 5:00 pm. No weekends. If you want you can vote for your favorite quilt when you go. There are so very many greats ones to see.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming Full Circle, or should I say Square?

As some of you know, I sent my eldest off to college a few weeks ago. He went with 2 quilts, one for himself and one for his roommate.

And as most of you know, the road to college is paved by many people; parents, relatives, teachers and friends, all helping your child. One of those teachers who played a big role in developing Bridger's foreign language skills is having her first child. And so…….

another quilt

"Coming Full Square" A baby's quilt
51" x 41"- original design
Kona snow (solid), various 100% cotton quilting fabrics in gray and vintage 100% cotton kimono fabric. Metro circles: binding
Aurifil thread (piecing and quilting) # 2021, Mako 50 wt.
100% cotton warm and natural batting
Medium detail, front

Fine detail, front
1/4" gray strips surrounded by tiny 1/4" gray squares

Fine detail, front
100% cotton vintage, striped kimono fabric  that mimics the tiny pieced gray squares.


Detail, back
The quilting was done by altering a common machine stitch, making it 3x longer and 2x wider than expected.
The only detail on the back is a small rectangular pieced strip.

I wanted this quilt to be precious without being fussy. I also wanted to convey calmness, hence the lack of busy color and pattern. And I washed the quilt, something I almost never do, since I want the parents to know it's meant to be used.

I know this baby is going to be a girl. I can't wait to meet her.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FMQ teaching at Fabricate

Just a few fun photos of the very enthusiastic and fun group of talented ladies at my first class on Free Motion Quilting at Fabricate, Boulder.
We started out with some of the basic FMQ techniques (stippling/meandering/ circles) them moved to doodle quilting using Pilots' FriXion pens.
Finishing up the class with a pot holder/trivet in their choice of FMQ design!

If you are interested in joining us for a class, here is the link.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Move in day

Move-in day:
It finally happened, packing up the car…...

After unpacking at the dorm room (This is about as neat as you'll ever see it). Both quilts looking good.

 Wiggle and Dash quilt in it's new home

 Trying them out for size…. (I'm just looking at how dirty their feet are…….)
 Smiles all around.

Sleeping already? …….

Taking snap chat photos of his new place for his sister….. Thank you Lisa and Tom for the Colorado flag and Ruchi, Mark and Claire for the wonderful memories of our summer travels.

 Everything in it's place.

Time to go! (sniff, sniff)