Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming Full Circle, or should I say Square?

As some of you know, I sent my eldest off to college a few weeks ago. He went with 2 quilts, one for himself and one for his roommate.

And as most of you know, the road to college is paved by many people; parents, relatives, teachers and friends, all helping your child. One of those teachers who played a big role in developing Bridger's foreign language skills is having her first child. And so…….

another quilt

"Coming Full Square" A baby's quilt
51" x 41"- original design
Kona snow (solid), various 100% cotton quilting fabrics in gray and vintage 100% cotton kimono fabric. Metro circles: binding
Aurifil thread (piecing and quilting) # 2021, Mako 50 wt.
100% cotton warm and natural batting
Medium detail, front

Fine detail, front
1/4" gray strips surrounded by tiny 1/4" gray squares

Fine detail, front
100% cotton vintage, striped kimono fabric  that mimics the tiny pieced gray squares.


Detail, back
The quilting was done by altering a common machine stitch, making it 3x longer and 2x wider than expected.
The only detail on the back is a small rectangular pieced strip.

I wanted this quilt to be precious without being fussy. I also wanted to convey calmness, hence the lack of busy color and pattern. And I washed the quilt, something I almost never do, since I want the parents to know it's meant to be used.

I know this baby is going to be a girl. I can't wait to meet her.


  1. I love your little quilt, it is so simple and modern, and perfect for a new baby.

  2. really a precious quilt. I want to give that machine stitch a try - it's so effective

  3. Your quilt is stunning! I love the simplicity of your design and the delicacy of the tiny bits of "color" you used. Beautiful work!

  4. Love this pattern. So simple. Is there a pattern to it?

  5. So pretty and calming! I love the quilting too!

  6. this quilt is amazing! so gorgeous and inspiring!!


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