Sunday, October 20, 2013

When you've got a good thing going….

It's fun when you discover something about your sewing machine that makes you love it more than you already did. Take my Bernina, there is a stitch, a standard "menu" stitch that if you alter both the length and the width, gives a quick and fun wavy line to use on a quilt. (A smililar stitch is on some Pfaff sewing machine models as well). I've now used it on 3 quilts and 1 pillow. It's fast, it's easy and is a nice change from straight lines and basic meandering.

The details:
"Open and Shut", 66" x 66"
Various quilting cottons including Kona solids in "chinese red", "charcoal" and "snow"
100% cotton warm and natural batting
100% cotton, Mako 50 wt Aurifil thread in: several light to medium grays for the piecing and the quilting (2600, 2620, 2625).
Original design with pieced circles and disordered sashing.
Piecing and quilting: by me.

Close-up front, wiggly line quilting in light grey thread

And I did something I'd done once before, but will do again, added my makers mark and date discretely to the quilt, close to the bound edge.
"signing" the quilt

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Single Shining Star

Title: "A Single Shining Star"
60 x 60 inches
Various quilting cottons, Kona bone, additional Kona solid (light turquoise blue), Kona Chinese Red binding.
Aurifil thread, for quilting and piecing, # 2012, 100% cotton, Mako 50 weight
100% cotton batting
Adjusted Bernina standard stitch for the wavy quilting

For Sarah.