Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Checking the list and mailing things once

The packages of scraps, selvedges, hexies and orphan blocks are ready to go to their new homes. In the process of finishing a quilt, I "found" a few more so there will be 8 packages on their way.

I need mailing addresses for the following people.

Please send them to me at: spontaneousthreads at gmail dot com

For some of you I only have your "blogger"  name, so please forgive my not calling you by your given name. I am also posting this list on IG. I sincerely hope you all get this message.

Sylvia Shaefer, Aunt TC, Pajtr, Kathy (kayakquilting), Betty (b78ayers), Kathryn (kupitis), Teje and Jodi (gmmeenan).

Thank you all for participating and happy making!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I am so very thankful- a humble give away.

For many, many reasons, this time of the year often brings with it a time for reflection and thanks. I am truly grateful and forever thankful for my family, my friends (near and far), my health; but also for my freedom, and for the gift of life. I have had a safe childhood, warm home. I  live in a country where I chose a profession based on skill and aptitude instead of social standing and gender. My life has had it's twists and turns and it's ups and downs (who's hasn't), but everyday is a day of my own.  I very recently went back to college to teach, but also to learn.  I don't know what the future holds, but the now is pretty awesome.

In celebration of a year of many firsts, and because I am thankful to have been able to reach high and challenge myself, I have some gifts to give. They are humble gifts, but hopefully will spark a project or 2 for their recipients. As I embark on my final quilt of the year, made from very humble beginnings, (all scraps, but prints not solids), I'd like to share, to give back to the community of makers who each and every day offer kind words and encouragement to me and to others.

I have 7 large tyvek envelopes (14 x 10") stuffed with fabric. All scraps, all from my stash, collected over the last 3 years. The bags are loosely curated into the following:
A &B:2 bags- selvedges only
C:1 bag fabric in random shapes and one 6x9" bag stuffed full of selvedges
D:1 bag of already made hexies and many 2 1/2" squares for you to make more, plus one 6x9" bag stuffed full of selvedges
E:1 bag orphan blocks from various projects, lots of  varying sized triangle pieces of fabric and one 6x9" bag stuffed full of selvedges
F:1 bag jelly roll strips (various lengths) and one 6x9" bag stuffed full of selvedges
G:1 bag charm squares and smaller squares and one 6x9" bag stuffed full of selvedges

Most of the fabric scraps are small, but all are usable. They have served me well but now it's time for them to go and be other projects in other makers hands.

I want to give these 7 bags away to 7 people.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and specify in your comment which bag you would prefer (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). I will do my very best to match bags with preferences, knowing that it will likely be impossible for everyone to get their hearts desire. I will select 7 people at random and send you your preferred bag. Please leave one comment per person. If you have a project in mind for these scraps/selvedges, please feel free to share.

That's it. Simple and easy.
Recipients will be announced here and on Instagram on November 17th.

Thank YOU!!!