Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look what I found today

It's still winter, but I'm always amazed what little surprises Mother Nature brings with just a few days above 50 degrees and some sun.  Hope it makes you smile too! Even the bee was busy today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drum roll........

Done, complete, finito!!! Here is my Single Girls Support Group pillow, quilted and stuffed. Finished it this morning put it through the washer and the linen did its "lineny" think and got itself wrinkled. I love it!!
Take a look and let me know what you think!

Quilted pillow top, love the wrinkly linen

Stuffed, yay!

pillow back, with bound opening

Close-up of bound edge, love the dots.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here is a creative idea for a pillow compliments of the creative minds at sewmamasew. This would also make a really cool mini quilt if you are in the market for one. And speaking of pillows, here I am on my Single Girls pillow sham......

Since this picture I have quilted the top and cut the back 2 pieces for the pillow sham. I would show you a picture, but my sewing lines are drawn all over the front and it's not very photogenic right now. Once it goes through the wash I promise another photo!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A fabric give away......

Alas, not on my blog (yet), but The Fabric Quarter is giving away some beautiful fabric at Jaybirds quilts. You can find info on the give away by scrolling to the blogs "I follow" on the right side-bar and clicking away. It's worth it, really. And I also have my own mini give away, but you have to read about it on my blog and follow the yellow brick road.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilting along and getting myself into a lot of possible trouble

I am now officially caught up on all my Block-a-palooza blocks, numbers 1-9 and a few variations. And I have a group photo of blocks 1-8 with a few duplicates. There will be 16 total blocks, and adding a few additonal here and there, a border or 2 and I should get a queen sized quilt from my efforts. (At least that's what I'm aiming for).
block 8, the applique is now done

Block 9 (v1)- Lemonade stand

Block 9 (v2)- Lemonade stand

Group photo (blocks 1-8)

Now, for the getting in trouble part. I joined another quilting group..... this one is slightly different and I will be posting my efforts to the group Flickr page as well as here on my blog.  It's a 12 member, 12 month bee. Each month one of the 12 quilters sends fabrics to the other members and an idea for a block. Then you sew the block and send it back to the person who sent you the fabric. So on whatever month I am assigned I will eventually get 12 blocks from 12 other quilters. So much fun. I think this must be my mid-life crisis!!!!  If you want to see what I am doing you can click here. If you want to hear what I'm saying, you'll have to bookmark my blog and visit often. If you want to postulate on the likelihood that there is any food in the fridge or clean laundry happening at my house, leave a comment!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sewing Amy Butler's Beaded Sash

We tackled Amy Butler's beaded sash, in our sewing class today. Three lovely ladies, each with a different take in fabrics went to town. Here is the final result!

Busy at work creating

Ta Dah!! Beautiful and fashionable.

You can sew the sash for your self by visiting Amy Butler's free patterns here.  Download the directions and get sewing!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday goodies- oh yeah!

Thank you to my wonderful sewing group that showered my on my birthday with a surprise lunch at Bones and a gift certificate to my favorite sewing/craft store Fancy Tiger (Denver, CO). I went today and spent my gift certificate and this is what I got. A bit about my selections.......

First, my ever present sewing helper, Sandi wants you to know she likes the fabric too. (Even though I did not buy the fabric with the dogs on it- sorry Sandi).  The front pattern,  (my first quilt pattern in quite some time) is Single Girl is by Denyse Schmidt. I am participating in the Single Girl Support Group and making this quilt with a group of other quilters. I have to figure out what colors I want to work with and what size quilt I want to make. You can follow our progress here. Then I bought some layer cakes (Kate Spain Central Park and Liz Scott Sugar Pop) and a jelly roll (more Kate Spain).  (I thought medicine was the only other profession that had food references, but I'm finding that sewing is right up there too). I have never purchased a whole line of fabric before so this is a treat. I'm not at all sure what I am going to make with them.  And then I loaded up on other fabrics I liked. Thank you to all my sewing girlfriends for such a wonderful, thoughtful gift.
Now, here is the good part my sewing compatriots (and I know who you are- especially since I sent you the email to come visit me on my blog).  If you will follow me on my blog, and leave 2 comments anywhere on this blog, I will make you a surprise treat. (Trust me it's a big surprise since I don't know what it is yet either). (I know I am most fortunate that some of you follow me already- so if that's you, please leave 3 comments on the blog and we'll call it even).  If you have a blog and grab my button for your blog (or website) and then shoot me an email - - letting me know where in cyberspace you put my button,  I will visit your blog/website, check it out, follow/comment on your blog/website and I will make you 2 treats.
Why oh why am I making you do this??? Well, I'm hoping to get the creative juices going and have a page on my blog for our sewing classes and creations. You will be able to check on them here, see the projects and get your supply list etc. etc.
It might be a good idea for you to book mark my blog since come sewing season 2011-2012, this is where you will go to see what's coming in sewing land. You can also check in on my progress (if you want to know what I'm doing when I should be making dinner or doing laundry), with the Block-a-palooza and the Single Girl Support group (I just know this may be puzzling some of you- the quilt pattern is called Single Girl, the group of quilters is the Support group, hence- The Single Girl Support group. I think it's a clever name myself).
Now, if I am so lucky to have someone stumble across my blog and do all of the above (follow/comment/grab my button and email me about it) and you are not in one of my sewing groups do not despair! All you have to email me your info or provide me with a way to contact you and I will put a surprise in the mail for you too. Unfortunately, I am going to have to limit this beyond my sewing group to the first 25 responders (I should be so lucky).
It's a beautiful day today, it's going to snow this weekend- typical, but, that means I can sew!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More blocks and some past blocks, again

I have caught up on my blocks and added a few extra of the ones I have liked so far.

Gingham pinwheels (in reds and apples)

Geesey McNinePatch. (red sky in morning......)
All the blocks so far

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ta Dah! Block #6

Usually once I get rolling on a block I keep at it until I'm done. Alas, not today. With one thing and another  it took all day, started around 7:30 am and finished, about 4:30 pm. But it's done and I like it, just ask Mikie (does anyone else besides me remember this?????). Oh, help! Well, happy almost Valentine's Day!

Block 6 for the Block-a-palooza aka: You are here!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Need some fun sewing ideas

Then check this out!!! Pink Chalk fabrics is offering a Free pattern for a really cute water bottle holder. And while you're checking out the web site you can order your fabric too!!! I am an Aquarius and I think I need a very stylish water bottle holder- what do you think??

more Block-a-palooza

Block 5 is done and I have a composite shot with 4 of the 5 finished blocks. As much as I struggled with the Word Search, I think that I may have to attempt that AGAIN!!!!! I have a few more blocks to master, perhaps when they are ALL done I'll like it. Right now it's in the we'll see pile.

Geesey McNinePatch, block 5

My current 4 favorites

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I really like this one

Well, it's true, it WAS the fabric. (wink, wink). I did use some of the new fabric I got in the mail and I just really like this last block for the Block-a-palooza, "Gingham" Pinwheels. Yes, there is no Gingham in my block, but the original directions were done with pink Gingham, hence the name. I'd love to know what you think- really.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you do when it's cold outside?

I mean really, really cold, minus 6 with a high of 10??  Well, you could sew.....
One of my News Years resolutions, although not stated or ever strictly adhered too, is to actually sew some of the patterns I have collected but alas, never used.
(Last year my goal was to sew at least one whole quilt without buying any additional material and I succeeded in making 2 quilts with stock on-hand; might say something about how much fabric I have, or not).
Anyway, this year I thought I'd dive into the patterns and see what happens. My purpose is 2-fold. One, to actually see if the pattern is worth making and therefor keeping. Two, I teach a sewing class and am always looking for ideas for my students. I often use patterns a starting points and change/add things here and there to make it work for me.
Today I tried not one, but 2 new patterns and they are both keepers.

Inside wallet, coin area exposed

2 wallets
All the wallets you can make, when it's cold outside
Spontaneous Threads ;-)
 and the bag to put the wallet in perhaps.....

Front, cross-body bag

back with pocket
I did learn a really interesting, not yet tried by me, way to set a zipper (who knew there were so many ways) and substituted some things for others that worked better for me and that I had on hand. Both projects can be made by anyone who sews with fabric they have in their sewing spaces at this moment. I also happen to have a wide variety of zippers, so not once did I even have to think about going out to get anything..... now that's what I call a good way to spend a very, very cold day.