Friday, February 17, 2017

Flight Plan

Baby quilt- "Flight Plan", 

is a version of the "Flight Plath" baby quilt made in early 2016 for Nathalie. 

The general improv curved pricing is the similar, the colors and the proportions of the 3 sections are different.  By changing up small but distinct aspects of the quilt, each becomes an original version of a cohesive design set. On one quilt I added boarders, on the other I left them off. Nathalie chose to  hang hers rotated 90 degrees.

The quilting on this piece is different, horizontal matchstick quilting with color matching threads except in one section where the thread color changes to match the yellow-green portion of the quilt.

The Details:

Flight Plan (Flight Path variation No. 2)
36" x 38"
Fabric: All Paintbrush Studio Painter's Palette Solids, top to bottom (using the quilt for reference). Pale Silver and Lemon Ice, Haze and Frolic, Abyss and Wasabi.

Backing fabric: all stash: Anna Maria Horner Good Folks, lime and white large scale print.

Thread: Aurifil 28wt 100% cotton 2615, 5008, 5015 and Coats and Clark in Marine Blue.
Binding 2" SOG in Abyss
Batting:Hobbs 80/20 Cotton poly.
Quilting: Matchstick with color matched threads.

This current version of the Flight Path quilt is one of my #minimalseamquilt series. The quilt top was constructed with just 8 seams; 3 curved and 5 straight.