Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mad for Solids: VOTE!!

Today is my day......

Go vote for your favorite paint Brush Studios Mad for Solids bundle.
Here is a reminder:
"Colorado Spring"
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There are prizes to be won, but only if you VOTE!!!!!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Colorado Spring and March Madness (Quilter's Version)

It's that time of the year again and this is by far the best March Madness event out there (sorry NCAA).  Sponsored by Paint Brush Studios and featuring their Painter's Palette solids , this years 2017 Mad for Solids bracket features 16 quilters going head to head in what will be a fun event for everyone.

And there are prizes. Fabric prizes. Every day from Monday, March 27- Thursday, April 6th you can vote (via their blog link above or on IG) for your favorite 8-color fabric bundle. The winners of each day progress all the way to the championship pairing. All voters in the championship game will be entered to win 1/4 yard cuts of the winning bundle (that's 2 yards of fabric!!!!).

Here is my bundle called "Colorado Spring". I chose these 8 colors, (from a gorgeous collection of 168 options), as a reminder after a dry and mostly brown winter, these colors represent  little purple crocus and the tiny yellow green leaf buds all pictured against the vast blue Colorado sky.

Voting for my bundle starts on Thursday, March 30, 2017. I'd love your vote!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Don't Tread on Me

Looking and seeing.

January's Mighty Lucky Quilting Clubs lesson from Amy Friend (during quiet time) was "Transforming Inspiration into Original Designs.  That month's challenge coincided with a resolution I made to both participate and teach ( December, 2017) while really stretching myself to incorporate one or more pre-set challenge into any given project.

The arrival of my fabric-dream-come-true, compliments of Paintbrush Studios, lead me to a startling intersection. That although I was intimately familiar with many details of my house (I did help in the remodel 10 years ago), there are things that I look at every day but don't actually "see". 

Case in point: my back door mat. Understated in teak, and exceedingly functional, I have tread on this mat several times a day for YEARS. It wasn't until after I had read Amy's lesson that I actually "saw" the doormat. 

And what I saw got me thinking....  we surround ourselves with things we like. We may know exactly why we like something, be it's style, or it's color or it's functionality. But sometimes we just like it, no other explanation needed.  Many of us avoid things that are unappealing but are not always successful for valid reasons- I mean even I have wedding crystal and a vase or 10 that I'm not crazy about. But not counting the ugly crystal,  most of us crave things that speak to us, that make a connection, recognized or unconscious. Seeing this door mat now, after discovering things about me as a quilter makes me smile. Although there are 2 rather obvious places that wood is absent, the construction centers around 3 columns. (I'm a HUGE fan of odd numbers, and if you count the non-columns, then 5 vertical features, another odd number). It's rectangular rather than square and looks good in either orientation (horizontal or vertical). It retains some symmetry but isn't equally symmetrical. The aesthetic lends itself either to uniform linear repetition OR irregular linear representation, (varying linear aspects -the quilt interpretation). That's just good design.

Meet: "Don't Tread on Me"
55.5" by 65.5" quilt made with 15 different Painters Palette solids and inspired by a humble door mat.

The linear aspect carries over but I varied the width of all the vertical lines cutting them randomly in different thicknesses. The contrast between the warm and cool tones mimic the open spaces in the door mat. The colors of course, as sheer fun.

Fabrics: All Paintbrush Studio Painters Palette solids in: Yarrow and Frolic (continuous horizontal aspect). Warms: Tangerine, Burnt Orange, Raspberry, Poppy Red, Bittersweet, Crimson, Tomato. Cools: Teal, Poseidon, Gulf Stream, Cyan, Pale Aqua, Aruba.

Backing fabrics: Frolic, Yarrow and Raspberry (solids) combine with Anna Maria Horner Good Folks and Tula Pink Parisville. Hanging sleeve stash fabric.

Threads: color coordinated but varying in weight (28-50 wt) and composition: 100% cotton, poly cotton and 100% poly.

Batting: 100% cotton
Pin basted 

Quilting: dense color coordinated vertical matchstick quilting with over a dozen different threads from caring manufacturers (Aurifil, Mettler, Marathon)

Binding: 2" SOG in Yarrow, hand sewn on back

Signed and labeled:

Lesson learned: Inspiration is everywhere even in the humblest of things.