Monday, October 24, 2016


I may not be trending but I am #MightyLucky to be part of the 2017 line up of really incredible quilt makers, designers, artists and authors. In it's second year, the  2017 program follows on the heels of an incredibly successful 2016 season. For you just learning of this program, here is what you need to know.  

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

The Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is the first monthly subscription club of its kind that focuses on challenging you with design concepts in the quilt making process. It's like a gym membership for quilters! From playing with improvisation and negative space to finding inspiration and creating your own compositions …and everything in’ll be challenged each month with a new skill to try, with pages of instructions, examples, and inspiration from one of your favorite quilters.
In the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, a popular quilt designer/trainer each month will provide a challenge for you to work through along with materials needed, guided instruction, detailed techniques and plenty of inspirational images. You can try it once and set it aside. You can turn the challenge into a full quilt if you’d like. You can do the challenge more than once! And of course you’ll want to take photos and share your efforts with others in the club as you work through the projects each month #mightylucky on Instagram and Twitter and post to Facebook at
I am also fortunate to be able to give one lucky person a full years subscription to the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. To be eligible to win you need to comment here.  The subscription is open anyone worldwide. Good luck!

I encourage you to sign up and to join me and others who are already #Mightlylucky.
So without further ado, here is the line up for 2017: (see I told you they were awesome!). Go, go now and sign up.

January- Amy Friend, February- Emily Herrick, March- Jacquie Gering, April- Krista Fleckenstein, May- Amy Smart, June- Kim Eichler-Messmer , July- Dan Rouse, August- Melissa Aversions, September- Emma Jean Jansen, October- Deborah Moebes, November- Camille Roskelley, December- Stephanie Ruyle