Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hugs and a Kiss part 2

Now it's officially time to Kiss and tell…..
The way I constructed the Hugs and Kisses Valentines Pillows for my daughter, left me with the reverse fabrics, already cut. But I didn't have more pillows in mind.
Instead, a quilting tote, one I could load up with rulers and cutting mats, and even my iPad and take to my FRMQ Guild meetings.

So, meet my new sewing tote, constructed with Hugs and Kisses left overs

It has all kinds of nice padded pockets on the back

divided pockets big enough for a ruler and my iPad

2 sets of outer divided pockets

a zippered top
The tote is big enough to carry a cutting board and various quilting tools, as well as a WIP or two (really who has just one WIP??).
There is a zippered inside pocket (that I neglected to photograph) that's good for keys, cell phone and my wallet.
I think I have now officially used up most of what I would consider my bright greens. It was fun working on the pillows and the tote and of course, my BIG green Emerald Pantone Challenge Quilt, which will be ready to share with all of you in a few days! Check back here for the big reveal.

Friday, February 22, 2013

What you do after a hug and a kiss?

Bet that got your attention!
First I should kiss and tell. For Valentine's Day I made these 2 pillows for my daughter. I'm still using up some of the greens from my stash. Thought about calling these "Green with Envy", but they are just made with love.
Each pillow is a 20" square with a pieced "X" and "O".
The backs are both the same, black and white print with a zipper. Simple.
So, I decided to jazz it up with some free motion quilting.
I used Aurifil in green (in the green areas) and Aurifil in white on the sashing. Although the quilting is dense, it's still hard to see on the front, so, I thought you might like to see the muslin lining on the back of the quilted pillow face.
Back of "X" pillow. swirls and a flower in each triangular area

Back of "O" pillow with a center Mum and …..

….. swirly feathers and pebbles around the edges.

I really had fun trying some new FMQ on my regular sewing machine and I like the interior backs so much I just might try a whole cloth pillow some time.

BUT, that still begs the question….. what do you do after a hug and a kiss……………
well, I'll tell you, but you might have to wait a day or 2 for the answer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

X-Factor Pillows, 2013

Now is the time I can "tell" about my current X-factor pillow entry. Not, who gets the pillow, but what's up with the pillow, per se.
This last challenge entailed squares, all squares, all of the same size, no sashing. Over appliqué was OK as a detail…..

"Shades of Gray with a Citrus Squeeze"
16.5 x 16.5" square composed of 64- 2" finished squares
Shades of gray  charm swap fabric (various grey quilting cottons) and a citron yellow with greenish undertones (Kate Spain Central Park)
Pieced and quilted with Auriful 50 wt, off white
Raw edge appliqué, circles and their cut outs (Cut from 2 1/2" fabric  squares on a Go-baby)
      circle applique FM quilted in a swirl pattern
      open circle, FM quilted in shadow with trapunto centers
Overall dense straight line quilting

straight line quilting and trapunto centers

3-D trapunto center


Partner, hope you love it!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Still looking good…..

My mom surprised me for my birthday/ Valentine's day with a gift that her mom, my Grammy Exie made many, many years ago.

It's meant to be a pot holder/trivet, but I don't think my mom ever used it. It made me smile; one, because it was made by a person very dear to me and two, because the folding technique she used (I'm guessing 45-50 years ago) is still going strong. Plus, it's something she made by hand and that just makes it all the more special. Like she's giving it to me, even though she has been gone for 30 years.
And just to show how quilting is truly timeless, I  received a beautiful pillow made with the same technique just last year from Marika.

I guess what goes around comes around! And since both the creators of these lovely quilted gifts designed with a dominant red, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Triple zipping along….

I don't normally wait until the last minute, but it was unavoidable….. I did finally make my Triple Zip pouch and I love it. Good things come to those who procrastinate  wait.


I'm posting my pouch to the Flicker  Triple Zip Along Group, using the lovely tutorial by Debbie over at A Quilter's Table, with additional pictorial additions by Marci at Marci Girl Designs.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


2013 Emerald Quilt Challenge

I think I have to do this again…….
I had so much fun last year……
I set a few new challenges for myself this year (something I don't like so much)……

Stay tuned and I'll show you what I've come up with!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blink! It's February

Ok, that came up fast. I've been busy working on a quilt and time flew!
It's time to pick the 2 winners of the "New Year, New Layout" giveaway………..
Kelly Cole who said: " having just done a big reorganize myself I am hard pressed to think of something else to add - but I do need a back-up sewing machine. Mine's getting maintenance but I still need to sew! Great space, let the creativity flow! "
and Katie Q who said"I really need a good cutting/ironing area. I'd also love a design wall too, but that will have to wait. "
I would LOVE to grant each of you your wishes, but alas, I will just be sending what was offered, each a bag of scraps from my stash, and perhaps a few other goodies. I will need your snail mail addresses and I will have the packages off into the mail (before I blink and it's March!). Congratulations to you both. Happy Sewing!!