Friday, March 16, 2012

What's up at the FRMQG

With 2012 came the Saturday meet-and-sew's. A morning meeting and afternoon sew, which works out great since this guild has members from all over the Front Range of Colorado and some peeps have to travel hours to get to a meeting. Plus, you're sewing in the afternoon with friends, what's not to like about that.
Our last meeting we celebrated our 1st birthday. All kinds of goodies were passes out.  This next meeting, we're having a pincushion swap. We had to make a pincushion using at least one additional item that was not quilter's cotton. So, you could use linen, or buttons- you get the picture.
Here is my picture of the pincushion I am bringing to swap
My non- cotton items include: linen, embroidery floss, and a cute little ceramic base to keep the pincushion from tipping over.
The wee bird is singing away, and won't mind at all having a few pins to keep from falling on the floor. I added a bit of piped cording between the top and the sides, I like all the stripy colors. The sides are polka dotted. (It's spring after all).
I can't wait to see all the other pincushions up for grabs. If I bring one (and I am) then I get to take one home too!


  1. What a fun exchange, yours is super cute and full of spring - how is it decided who gets which pin cushion?

    1. It's a "blind" swap where everyone wraps their pin cushion, and puts it in a bin, then we'll pass the bin around, and you get whatever is hiding behind Bag #3. :) It's a fun way to do a swap.

  2. You are one Swap Hoppin' Mama!! :o)

    I love the wee birdie. I used a bit of embroidery floss, too. Along with some Styrofoam and sand paper...

    I can't WAIT to see what everyone made. We have the best swaps.

  3. Very cute, looking forward to seeing what you grab!

  4. Your pincushion was so cute in person! So glad we were finally able to meet :)

  5. Well, I barely met this challenge! I completely missed the part about having to use at least one non-quilter's cotten item. I've been sitting here freaking out a little about it, and then I realized I used some embroidery thread for the little guy's nose and eyes, so technically I did follow directions, unknowingly :)

    PS. This is Chrystal - I'm too lazy to create my own account, so I log in using my husband's gmail.

  6. your pincushion is adorable - especially the embroidery and piping! thanks for linking up to my 12 in '12 Challenge!


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