Thursday, March 1, 2012

March De-Stash Giveaway is here!!!

The March, 2012 De-stash Giveaway is here!!! Actually 2 giveaways.
This month is one of my favorite colors- orange. (We're "marching" our way through the rainbow).
Because I love orange so much, I have a double give away this month- I will pick one US winner and one out-side the US winner.
For my US followers, this box filled with (mostly) orange goodies could be yours.
For my outside the US followers, I will send you a gift certificate for $15.00 (US) to an on-line fabric store - hopefully near you- you may have to help with the selection.

So, for March this is what you have to do:

Answer the following question: With Spring around the corner, what is the first flower/ tree  that blooms near you?  If you can link to a photo, even better, I'd like to see what you see. If you have a photo from your yard, share!!! ALSO- and you MUST include this information with your answer. Tell me what country you live in.

For example: The first flowers that appear in my neck of the woods are Darwin Tulips. I live in Colorado, USA.
Darwin Tulips (aren't they pretty????)

2 winners in March!!!!!!
Large Postal box filled with things mostly orange.

Details for the 2012 Monthly Giveaway:

I will post a photo of the give-away each month during the first week of the month- so check back often, so you don't miss out.

You will have until the 21st of each month to leave a comment.

Leave only one comment per person.

I will pick a winner and get your package in the mail by the 25th of each month (postal holidays and weekends excepted). (Make sure you don't fall in to the no-reply blogger category- if I can't get you I'll pick someone else).

I know some of my followers are outside the USA. Because international postal rates abroad are much more expensive I will be doing international mailings only a few times during the year (these are big packages and costly to send). Please know- I haven't forgotten you and appreciate your following me- I really do. So, I will specifically post whether the monthly destash-give-away is open to international entries on any given month.

Thanks for all your support and good luck in 2012! Remember 10 chances remain to win this year- Go for it!!!


  1. The first flowers for me are crocuses in Missouri, USA.

  2. The first thing I see blooming are the cherry trees outside my living room window in Glasgow, UK. I'm not sure what possessed the council to plant a row of them there by the road, they're completely out of character for the area, but they're a lovely splash of colour in both pink and white.

  3. I live in the USA - - Baltimore, MD to be exact. And tulips are the first to come up here - - and they are starting to take over. Never would know that it is still technically winter!

  4. Our winter has been so mild that my roses have been blooming for weeks. I'm in Texas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I guess we're seeing lots of buttercups here in the deep south (USA) and the Bradford pear trees are blooming too; thanks for chance to win! (marshudson at comcast dot net)

  6. Hyacinths are the first to bloom here, but that won't be for a couple of months yet, and I also have those tiny tulips that make a big show in Spring. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  7. Over here in good old Germany, it's usually snowdrops that bloom first. Looks a lot like this picture I found on google:

    Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of my own yrad because... uhm... you don't want to see! The grden is just a mess of nothing but native soil since everything is to be re-done this spring since the weather got too bad to get things finished last fall... but I will do my very best to have a picture on hand for the next giveaway (if needed).

    Oh, and these orange colored fabrics look so darling... if I'd be picked as a winner by Mr. Random, I'd offer to pay the shipping fees to Germany just to get my hands on that wonderwonderwonderful fabrics :)

  8. I can see my cactus is blooming with yellow flower :) lol

  9. In my yard, here in East Texas, the first flowers are usually my purple hyacinths...I looooove their scent!

  10. I live in Portland, Oregon and we are lucky to have lots of flowers this early but the only one in my yard right now is the primrose. So pretty in lots of colors! Thanks for another great giveaway Stephanie!

  11. Here in south Louisiana it's the Japanese magnolia but those have long since started. It's been such a mild winter almost everything is at least a month ahead of schedule.

  12. We are just moving into Autumn here in Australia. But the flowers that means spring is here is the good old jasmine. It looks and smells like spring to me.

  13. The first spring flowers here in Minnesota are usually Crocus. They are so pretty = purple and yellow. What a great giveaway and so generous!

  14. We're pretty lucky to have lots of flowers all year long, but for me here in California, when I see daffodils it means Spring.

  15. Even though the winter has been unusually mild here in New York (to say the least), my garden is still very drab. The first green shoots are usually my early daffodils, but the crocus bloom first if the deer and squirrels don't get them to them.

  16. buttercups are our first in the south

  17. Though I'm sure it's not the FIRST thing to bloom here in Portland, OR, USA, the first blooms in MY yard are the jonquils!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  18. We have flowers year round in Fl. No firsts :)

  19. The first flower of the year over in Lafayette, Louisiana that I can remember seeing is Azaleas. So pretty and pink!

  20. The first flower that was seen in the Chicago area was the forsythia. Since we are having a heat wave, many of the spring flowers are popping up.

  21. Of course I'm waiting until the last minute to submit my name!
    I've seen several bulbs shooting up especially with last week's gorgeous weather. I think they were crocus or daffodils, not sure which. I'm hoping to finally plant some bulbs myself this fall, so I'll gain some knowledge when I'm reasearching them.
    Thanks for the orange giveaway!



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