Saturday, March 10, 2012

Acts of kindness

It's so wonderful when you get to meet new, uber-talented ladies, who are more than happy to lend a helping hand. It's also nice {for me} to be able to share some of my talents to thank them.

So, to Marta Strzeszewski and Amy Gibson, many, many THANKS!!! I couldn't have done it without you. The pictures look great, my fingers are crossed!

These quilted goodies are for you. I won't say which one is for Marta and which one is for Amy, but you can see little bio's of them below their photos. I'm bringing them to the meeting on the 17th and I hope you'll both be there. If you see this before then, you can try to guess which one is for you!

Hexie flower on mustard Italian linen. Background linen densely quilted in an echoed scallop pattern with light lavender thread- Front
The hexes are 1", so you can get a gist of the overall size of the zippered pouch (10 x 6.5").

The back- the quilting really stands out here. Purple zipper.

Hexie flower on indigo dyed Italian linen. Background linen densely quilted in a "butterfly wings" pattern with a spring green thread. Front (This linen looks like denim in all the pictures I have ever taken. But it's so much nicer and textured than denim- perhaps I just need a better picture).
The hexes are 1", so you can get an overall idea of the size of the pouch (10 x 6.5").

The back- Light green zipper. 

I'm going to link these zipper pouches over at Amy's Creative Side…… I've had them on my to do list for a few weeks and now they are ta-done!!!


  1. How cool, absolutely love the quilting you've done on them!

  2. Good grief, woman! Those bags are super cool! :) I know Amy will be at the meeting, but I don't think Marta will be. :-( Just one more reason she should change her plans and BE THERE!! :)
    Those are just gorgeous. They'll love them.

  3. Love the modern fabric with the hexies! Now if I could only do zippers...

  4. Cute! I've gotta try zippers sometime. I have a pile of Amy Butler hexagons that would be so perfect for something like this!

  5. So cute! I absolutely love those colors!


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