Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Bee Blocks

This month I had a chance to make some really fun blocks in "springy" colors. (Needed that- it's been so very cold here).

+ & X blocks for HAVEN @ do. good stitches
tutorial here.

and for Whitney, (the peacock tree) for the Jane Austen Bee and Book Club. Tutorial here. Her color palate is just beautiful.


  1. Wonderful blocks and I love the palette in them both. Sometimes I do miss being in a bee.

  2. I always love the X and + block - I have yet to make any for myself - maybe in one of my bees I'll pick that for my month. Get the ball rolling.

  3. Every X + block I see brings me closer to making a quilt of my own with them. Love yours with the black cross bars.


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