Monday, June 20, 2016

Life's Journey

For my father in law, after the death of my mother  in law.
His second quilt,  (first quilt here). A specific request granted.

"Life's Journey"

87" x 88"
derived from a Bee Sewcial block made for Marci

2016 theme of "scale" (from 12" block to 88" queen quilt)

Request: pink, somewhere in the quilt (pink was one of my Mother in Laws favorite color)

Original design
Kona cotton solids in various blues
Bernina #4 stitch stretched x4 mostly in light gray with 5 rows of neon pink (for the 5 decades of marriage they shared).
Pieced, mostly color matched,  2" straight of grain binding with 2 small pops of pink.

I also included a portion of one of my mother in laws famous prayer flag prints

100% cotton warm and natural batting.
The back is pieced to include fabrics that my in laws have purchased for me from their around the world travels, specifically Miramar, Australia and Africa.

The title "Life's Journey" is not mine. As I was piecing the back, I was pulling fabrics that coordinated, but also reminded me a bit of my father in law. I came across a very old cotton print with it's selvedge still attached. On that selvedge was the name of the fabric, "Life's Journey". There is no way I could have anticipated or chosen a better name.


  1. Well that made me tear up. Such a lovely gift, piece of art, quilt and act of love. Well done Stephanie.

  2. What a special quilt and I love how it looks. Hope it brings your father in law some comfort.

  3. So much thought, shows a lot of love and respect. That's the way I like to quilt so this resonates on many levels.

  4. The touch of pink is beautifully done, and I love when there are happy happenstances like the name of the backing fabric that pull a whole project together.

  5. Beautiful and so full of meaning!

  6. This made me tear up, too. Beautiful work, and I love the pink bit with the pink quilting radiating from it. So thoughtful and beautiful!

  7. Wonderful quilt, and wonderful backstory too.

  8. Wow, that is a powerful quilt. Beautiful!


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