Saturday, October 10, 2015

I made a Tiny Quilt and it's going to California

My submission to the American Made Brands Tiny Quilt Challenge can now be shared.

One of my smaller projects this year - seems to me I've been doing small lately.

subtle echo quilting on the left

close-up of quilting

10" x 11" (small)

Made (as per entry requirements) from American Made Brand Solids. A tiny sample pack from QuiltCon 2016 (the colored bits) and off white for the negative space. I couldn't put any of my retroreflective nano particle fabric in it, although I dearly wanted too. Instead I used inset seams for the lollipop stems.

Quilted with Aurifil 50 wt 100% cotton on #2012 and Superior Metallic peacock blue. I used both straight line dense quilting and FMQ echo quilting to mimic the pieced design in the negative space.

The batting is 100% poly fusible to help with the basting.

The quilt was turned inside out before quilting for a  true, no-binding finish.

It seems like this wee little mini has been done forever, we haven't been able to share until now. It will be hanging along with 39 others in the Road to California Show in 2016. I know it's far off, but if you're there and remember me, I'd appreciate a photo.


  1. I made a Tiny Quilt, and it's staying home. But that's ok. There were over 200 entries, which makes you pretty awesome, so congratulations! Thanks for sharing, and reminding me that I should probably share my own Tiny Quilt too.

  2. I love your mini... The colours, the design... Everything! This is a beauty!!

  3. What a fun little itty bitty. Love it, can't wait to see more of them in Pasadena.

  4. Lovely design, and the quilting adds so much!

  5. Congrats - That's so tiny. Maybe I'll make it to that show finally. Every year I say I will and then I don't!

  6. Absolutely lovely design! I also participated to the challenge and the biggest challenge for me was not being able to add some extra fabric to the piece, so I understand what you mean!


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