Saturday, July 19, 2014

One of these is not like the other

A finish from the Always Bee Learning Bee, a group "effort" in this case. I chose the block from the book "Modern Blocks" compiled by Susanne Woods. This group is about learning new and perfecting existing quilting skills, literally "Always Learning", and I would like to thank  everyone for their contributions, so Thank you: Kristina, Megan, Michonne, Leanne, Toni, Hettie, Marci, Mary, Debbie, Celeste, Shanna, Elizabeth. Most of the group tackled  and completed 2 blocks, and you can see how lovely they are all together. The blocks arrived in their quarter sections, and I further mixed them together to get the scrappy of scrappiest layouts.
Quilt front
 The lovely ladies of this talented Bee used their stash for the colorful bits. I provided the background material. I was piecing the top during my economy block phase and added these to the sashed grid and corners. A few blocks even made it onto the back, as the top was already completed when they arrived.
Front, close-up

The Details:
"One of these blocks is not like the others"
Can you find it?? And yes, I did that on purpose.

73 x 73" square
Collaborative effort, the Always Bee Learning Bee, 2013-2014 season.

Quilt layout/sashing and back design- me. Block from: "Modern Blocks" compiled by Susanne Woods
Fabric: 100% quilting cotton bits and pieces from my Bee-mates; background Sketch in black and white, Kona cotton solids in medium gray, coal and charcoal.
Thread: (for piecing and quilting) Aurifil #2021, 2625, 2605
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton
Quilt back: Main block plus left over economy blocks that didn't make it onto the front. Bits and pieces left from the sashing.
Quilt, back

The blocks look different with sashing between the quadrants instead of just around the blocks.

Binding: cut 2" straight of grain- Kumari Garden holiday edition
Sashing detail with binding

Quilting: FMQ on a domestic Bernina machine: random zig zag quilting in the background, avoiding all the colorful geese. FMQ scallops and fish scales in the sashing.
Perfect! (that's 2 different quilts and one girl)….. Bliss!


  1. Beautiful quilt! I love those blocks, and having bee mates making them is a great idea!

  2. What a cool idea to be "always learning" together! Fun quilt, love the back too!

  3. This is a fantastic quilt, it really came together so nicely. I love to see it already in use too.

  4. It is beautiful Stephanie, I am thrilled to be a part of this one, and yes, I spotted which one is not like the other! LOL Such a great finish!

  5. I spotted it too! That's a fun little addition. It turned out just lovely! Glad to have contributed to it for you!

  6. Terrific, so beautiful. I am so glad that we all came through for you on these blocks because in your hands this turned into a lovely and interesting and fabulous quilt. I love looking at your quilts, enjoying your style. You really have a gift.



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