Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sometimes you need divine inspiration, other times…...

…… inspiration is divine. Like this last round of the Table Top Swap (Table Runners). My partner was very specific, including pictures and detailed descriptions, more than I could have asked for IF I even knew what to ask. So, with all this info sloshing about, I went with her wishes and a bit of my own slightly off kilter design. Some edge to go with her traditional, the unexpected with the requested, in the end, I think it might be just what she might want (if she knew I was her partner).
Front:ivory linen, various blue quilting cottons
inset strip-pieced,
off white 100% cotton thread, 18" x 18" more or less
 and best of all
Back: indigo linen, dense "straight-line" quilting with a 100% cotton
variegated blue thread
inset quilters cottons in blues and one yellow

Back: detail of stitching with variegated thread

A rectangular topper too……..
Similar materials, quilting and style, 36" x 14"

Front: dense straight line quilting, inset quilters cottons in various blues

Back: Vintage 100% cotton kimono fabric from Japan

Back: bobbin thread- light blue to match background

Both table runners are reversible
Both use linen: ivory(rectangle) and indigo (not-rectangle)
Both are densely quilted with complimentary 100% cotton threads
Both have a bit of the unexpected (Smaller: unusual shape; larger: precious backing fabric)
Both compliment (color) and contrast (linear vs curlicue) nicely with traditional/formal table setting
So partner, I sure hope you like these. If my dining colors ranged to blues, I would have had a really hard time sending these away!!!


  1. I love them and I'm sure your partner will too!

  2. They look awesome! I love the backing fabric on the 2nd one! =D


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