Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pay it Forward-

I found this lovely post on a blog that I follow, She Can Quilt.  You can read about Leanne's pay it forward, which I am participating in and you can pay it forward through my blog by leaving me a comment, agreeing to the following:
(hold up your hand and repeat after me…)
1. I will make a handmade something for 3 readers of my blog- (if you would like to participate in the Pay it Forward, ie: you would like to get something handmade from me, you must leave me a comment telling me that you would like to participate). I will send 3 readers something that I have made, without warning within 365 days. (Pinky swear). (You can put your hand down now).
2. So, in order for you to get something from me- you have to say that you will do the same for 3 readers of your blog, so, it follows that you should have a blog if we want to keep this "paying forward" unbroken.
3. When you receive your handmade item (from me) you MUST post about what you received on your blog, and put a picture of the Pay it Forward button in your post. (You can copy and paste it from this post or the link back posts).

This last part is optional, but would be fun- If you like, you can post pictures and your thoughts about what you send to the 3 people who will received something from you on your blog as well. Just give it a few days to travel in the mail. You wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

So, I will be happy to send something handmade to the first 3 followers that leave me a comment saying they are willing to do the same (Pay it Forward). Commenters, you need to have a blog- and PLEASE - NO, no- reply bloggers, by definition, I won't be able to contact you,  …...remember if I'm making and sending you something I'll need your address and if I can't get ahold of you, well then….. Please don't put your address in your comment unless you are comfortable with the 62 people who follow my blog knowing where you live. If I am going to send you something I will reply to your comment and get your info.  Knowing me, like I do, I won't be able to wait 365 days, but I promise to adhere to the "not telling" you it's on the way so that you will be surprised when it arrives.
I hope there are 3 other creative bloggers out there who will join me.


  1. Oh my!! pick me!!! i'll pay it forward!

  2. I am definitely in (raising right hand and swearing) Would love to pay-it-forward!

  3. Oh, well, I hope I made it in time! I'll play. I really want to play. :)


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