Saturday, April 16, 2011

Belated Thank you! and I'm passing on the love-

Kiera at it's sew kiki has passed on some blog love and I, in turn am doing the same- She was kind enough to mention my blog in a post on her blog (you're all following this, I'm sure) and it's an award, she received from Sew Happy Geek, Jenna Excell.   It's a recognition of bloggers that are working hard, but have not (yet) achieved the uber-blogger status with a gazillion followers (oh, don't I wish). The Liebster Blog Love award goes to bloggers with 300 or less followers. Enough followers to be comfortable bloggers but not so many that this would be just a flash in the pan. The whole idea is to recognize 3 cool bloggers and to follow them ( I definitely did). They in turn, link back to this post and follow me (hopefully- fingers crossed). The 3 bloggers then find 3 more bloggers and so on and so on.

So, here is my selection for some Liebster Blog Love
1. Dee at Dee's Doodles. She had some photos of a beautiful Sweet Pea block on Flickr that just caught my eye. You should go see that and all the other fun things she is up to.
2. Ali at a2(w) (a squared W). (I can't get the 2 to square up). She's a math teacher and a quilter and I am her 100th follower- there has to be some magic going on there.
3. Katie Q at Salt Marsh Path. She and I are both doing the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge. She also was the winner of the beautiful jelly rolls that I covet! Go over and show her some blog love.

And, please go follow Kiera and Jenna (if you don't already)- I promise you will not be disappointed. Hopefully if your followers have read this far, they will click on some of the above blogs and follow and next thing you know.......

So, happy spring everyone. Go have fun outside or inside. Or go sew outside (I've always wanted to do that).

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