Monday, March 14, 2011

I started cleaning and then, well......

So, before tackling today's block #15 for the Block-a-palooza, I thought I'd give my work area a quick tidy-up. I started finding all those little triangles that I cut off when making flying geese. They were randomly stacked into scattered semi-neat piles all over my work desk. Despite my attempt at making a bunch of goslings a few weeks back, and using them in this block, they have reproduced again. (The goslings are hiding in the center 9-patch. They were not the stars of that show.)

But lately I've been making these......

definitely NOT goslings, but what to do with them (I have a few, like 10). So, I made this!

5 and 3/4 pinwheels and one bewildered fish, were incorporated into this block which turned out to be fun to make. I know I should be focusing on the task at hand (block #15), but I just HAD to clean up all those triangles that were loitering on my work space. Progress or procrastination? Call it what you will-  but I'm calling it done.

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