Thursday, January 27, 2011

I guess I didn't like it enough

Version two of the Word Search Block-a-Palooza. I think I like this one (although I still don't like sewing little blocks). Remember to follow the Block-a-palooza along by clicking here. There are some really talented quilters out there and some of the color/pattern combos are really wonderful. Occasional participants are grouping their 1st and 2nd blocks in photos which I like, but clicking on any photo will pull up their Flickr photostream and then you can see their other blocks. My current favorite is by a quilter/blogger Venus de Hilo. There isn't anything I don't like about her color and contrast selection. She has stated that she will use some similar fabrics in each of her blocks so I am looking forward to see what she comes up with. The 2 current blocks are really wonderful. You can link to her blog and read more about her by clicking this link. It's worth the visit.


  1. I think I will sew a block identically to the one you did above of course in different colors but the same patch..and then do a disappearing 9 patch with it..Where you sew it all together and then cut straight down the middle and straight across in the middle and flip the blocks and put back together. I think that will be really intesting.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I had never heard of a disappearing 9 patch- although I have sewn some that I wish would disappear!!! Please post a picture and tell me where I can go see it as I would love to know what that looks like (you have peaked my curiosity).


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