Monday, January 31, 2011

Block-a-palooza block 3- Shoofly Geese

After having very little problem with block one, I have made 2 each of blocks 2 and 3. I don't know what the problem is, perhaps, I just need more fabric (could it really be that easy?). I'm going to the sewing expo this Friday so perhaps I will be inspired by some new fabrics and can get back to only making one block each time a new pattern is posted. (Personally, I like version 2 of this block). I guess I have to stop following the directions word for word and just figure it out before I start cutting and sewing. Both times I have liked the second block better and if it weren't for all those tiny little squares in block 2, I would try a third block (I think I finally figured out how I would like that block to look). Remember, if you want to give yourself a little piecing experience, the links to the blocks are posted on the Block-a-palooza site and you can get there clicking the button in the right column on my blog. The tutorials for each block are well done: complete with photos and ironing guidelines. If you don't want to commit to a quilt, you can use these blocks to make pillows, table runners and many other lovely quilted things. Each block uses very little fabric and unless you are coordinating a whole quilt (likely part of my problem), you can actually have fun with each block and explore some different and fun color/pattern combinations. If you come up with a block you are proud of you can post it to the Flickr site for all the other quilters to see. Directions for the next block go live Thursday, Feb 3rd, 2011.

Block 3 v 1

Block 3 v 2

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