Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you do when it's cold outside?

I mean really, really cold, minus 6 with a high of 10??  Well, you could sew.....
One of my News Years resolutions, although not stated or ever strictly adhered too, is to actually sew some of the patterns I have collected but alas, never used.
(Last year my goal was to sew at least one whole quilt without buying any additional material and I succeeded in making 2 quilts with stock on-hand; might say something about how much fabric I have, or not).
Anyway, this year I thought I'd dive into the patterns and see what happens. My purpose is 2-fold. One, to actually see if the pattern is worth making and therefor keeping. Two, I teach a sewing class and am always looking for ideas for my students. I often use patterns a starting points and change/add things here and there to make it work for me.
Today I tried not one, but 2 new patterns and they are both keepers.

Inside wallet, coin area exposed

2 wallets
All the wallets you can make, when it's cold outside
Spontaneous Threads ;-)
 and the bag to put the wallet in perhaps.....

Front, cross-body bag

back with pocket
I did learn a really interesting, not yet tried by me, way to set a zipper (who knew there were so many ways) and substituted some things for others that worked better for me and that I had on hand. Both projects can be made by anyone who sews with fabric they have in their sewing spaces at this moment. I also happen to have a wide variety of zippers, so not once did I even have to think about going out to get anything..... now that's what I call a good way to spend a very, very cold day.

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