Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday goodies- oh yeah!

Thank you to my wonderful sewing group that showered my on my birthday with a surprise lunch at Bones and a gift certificate to my favorite sewing/craft store Fancy Tiger (Denver, CO). I went today and spent my gift certificate and this is what I got. A bit about my selections.......

First, my ever present sewing helper, Sandi wants you to know she likes the fabric too. (Even though I did not buy the fabric with the dogs on it- sorry Sandi).  The front pattern,  (my first quilt pattern in quite some time) is Single Girl is by Denyse Schmidt. I am participating in the Single Girl Support Group and making this quilt with a group of other quilters. I have to figure out what colors I want to work with and what size quilt I want to make. You can follow our progress here. Then I bought some layer cakes (Kate Spain Central Park and Liz Scott Sugar Pop) and a jelly roll (more Kate Spain).  (I thought medicine was the only other profession that had food references, but I'm finding that sewing is right up there too). I have never purchased a whole line of fabric before so this is a treat. I'm not at all sure what I am going to make with them.  And then I loaded up on other fabrics I liked. Thank you to all my sewing girlfriends for such a wonderful, thoughtful gift.
Now, here is the good part my sewing compatriots (and I know who you are- especially since I sent you the email to come visit me on my blog).  If you will follow me on my blog, and leave 2 comments anywhere on this blog, I will make you a surprise treat. (Trust me it's a big surprise since I don't know what it is yet either). (I know I am most fortunate that some of you follow me already- so if that's you, please leave 3 comments on the blog and we'll call it even).  If you have a blog and grab my button for your blog (or website) and then shoot me an email - spontaneousthreads@gmail.com - letting me know where in cyberspace you put my button,  I will visit your blog/website, check it out, follow/comment on your blog/website and I will make you 2 treats.
Why oh why am I making you do this??? Well, I'm hoping to get the creative juices going and have a page on my blog for our sewing classes and creations. You will be able to check on them here, see the projects and get your supply list etc. etc.
It might be a good idea for you to book mark my blog since come sewing season 2011-2012, this is where you will go to see what's coming in sewing land. You can also check in on my progress (if you want to know what I'm doing when I should be making dinner or doing laundry), with the Block-a-palooza and the Single Girl Support group (I just know this may be puzzling some of you- the quilt pattern is called Single Girl, the group of quilters is the Support group, hence- The Single Girl Support group. I think it's a clever name myself).
Now, if I am so lucky to have someone stumble across my blog and do all of the above (follow/comment/grab my button and email me about it) and you are not in one of my sewing groups do not despair! All you have to email me your info or provide me with a way to contact you and I will put a surprise in the mail for you too. Unfortunately, I am going to have to limit this beyond my sewing group to the first 25 responders (I should be so lucky).
It's a beautiful day today, it's going to snow this weekend- typical, but, that means I can sew!!!


  1. WOW, you must have nice friends!
    I love all of your selections and can't wait to see them up close and personal.

  2. You amaze and inspire me!
    (and... can you tell I want my gift!)

  3. I love this site! And your photos and all the amazing things you're working on. I'll be happy if I can just make the scarf tomorrow! :)

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday lunch, by the way! I was out of town. . . . but sounds like it was so much fun! Belated happy b'day wishes!

  5. I was drawn here by your stunning block-a-polooza blocks!


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