Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilting along and getting myself into a lot of possible trouble

I am now officially caught up on all my Block-a-palooza blocks, numbers 1-9 and a few variations. And I have a group photo of blocks 1-8 with a few duplicates. There will be 16 total blocks, and adding a few additonal here and there, a border or 2 and I should get a queen sized quilt from my efforts. (At least that's what I'm aiming for).
block 8, the applique is now done

Block 9 (v1)- Lemonade stand

Block 9 (v2)- Lemonade stand

Group photo (blocks 1-8)

Now, for the getting in trouble part. I joined another quilting group..... this one is slightly different and I will be posting my efforts to the group Flickr page as well as here on my blog.  It's a 12 member, 12 month bee. Each month one of the 12 quilters sends fabrics to the other members and an idea for a block. Then you sew the block and send it back to the person who sent you the fabric. So on whatever month I am assigned I will eventually get 12 blocks from 12 other quilters. So much fun. I think this must be my mid-life crisis!!!!  If you want to see what I am doing you can click here. If you want to hear what I'm saying, you'll have to bookmark my blog and visit often. If you want to postulate on the likelihood that there is any food in the fridge or clean laundry happening at my house, leave a comment!

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