Saturday, January 15, 2011

May I suggest.....

I love to make things, primarily non-edible things, and share them with my friends and family. I am so fortunate to have found a group of singularly talented people who like to do the same. We trade handmade "fabric" postcards through the mail. In a time when texting and posting to Face Book  have supplanted the letter, this is a real, make you smile, community activity.  I have received cards from as far away as Australia and Italy and sent cards to The Phillipines and South Africa. These postcards are miniature works of art for a fraction of the cost! If you would like to try out your talents, join us at Trading Fabric Post Cards
(I would like to thank Malke Yablonsky (Sew Materialistic), Lucia Orlandini and Terri Swisher for their beautiful Tree Cards- 2011)


  1. Hi! I'm the first to follow your blog! Yay! I love your Raven mini's amazing!! the nest is fab!

    I'm visiting all the TFPC sisters' blogs thei weekend.

  2. Thanks Shirley- I did the same blog visiting the other day and it really helped my with my blog. We haven't traded postcards yet but I'm looking forward to it! Have fun and I'm sure you'll be inspired- there are some really creative postcard artists out there!


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