Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here comes block 2

Well, I can honestly say I am not a big fan of little squares. Looks like (from what I have been able to read on other blogs) this quilt will have lots of little squares- so perhaps I should make my peace/piece with them right now (you might have to think about that one).  We're taking 2 inch squares, once sewn, a paltry- 1.5 inches (yikes). I guess I also better get over matching (or not matching) seams, since there are lots of seams with very little room for error. That being said, here is block 2- Word Search. The quilter/blogger who created this take on a 9-patch, labeled each pile of tiny 2 inch blocks with letters to help her keep her pattern straight and them came up with clever words to help her keep track of the little blocks .... I mean who has time for that? I simplified (greatly) and just went for it. Here is the result. Hope you like it. I'm still deciding.....

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