Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty {little} Pouch Swap- do you want it now???

Dear Partner,
Thank you for being specific on your P{l}P swap sign up sheet.  Knowing what you wanted, ('cause you said) and given the freedom to create something that I'd love too (you said that too), really inspired me. I did read your profile- it helped me narrow down color choices. I followed your responses on the Flickr page to get a feel for certain likes and dislikes. Having a partner that actually comments is REALLY helpful, so thanks again. I know that for this round, Dear Partner, that if we want to send goodies that they have to fit in the pouch made for you. I deem that totally unfair, because you asked for something small. So, I bent the rules, I admit it. In addition to what you "wanted", I made you an Audrey pouch, and into the Audrey pouch will go your ipod pouch with room to spare for a few additional goodies. I hope (fingers crossed) that you like your surprises. Partner, we can send these pouches, as soon as we are done with them. So, Dear Partner, do you want them now?????
ipod case with tiny chevron triangles. The carrying strap is also pieced.

Close-up of little 1/2 square triangles, Yup, they are tiny.

The back of the case has some bright orange and yellow patchwork.

inside the top flap is a 1/2 pocket for your ear buds

…...and a small pouch for the goodies (not much fit into the ipod case except the ipod). A bit of embroidery surrounds the patchwork pieced cross.  Fun zipper pull. Natural linen and quilting cottons.

Back/front of the case. Natural linen and quilting cottons.


  1. I'm not in this round, but they are beautiful Stephanie, so if your partner doesn't want them, you can always ship them to me! LOL

  2. Both of the pouches look great! Those are tiny little triangles, I can't even wrap my head around how you sewed them...on a tiny little sewing machine maybe? :)

  3. Both very cute, love the wee triangles


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