Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An apple a day

Sewn Spaces Swap for this round is pin cushions. The mosaics people posted are really inspirational and the artists (yes, and I do mean artists) who have created some of these miniature wonders have talent beyond reason. You can check out some of these beauties for yourself at the Sewn Spaces Swap Flickr page. My partner for this swap lives in New England and like myself ( I grew up in Massachusetts), probably is right in the middle of some of the most glorious fall colors in the world. It's one of the things I miss, living now in Colorado. It's definitely the season,  Fall brings with it some of my most favorite colors and foods- squash, pumpkin, apples. So, I thought that perhaps, given his common link, my partner wouldn't mind if I drew upon some New England inspiration for her pincushion. Now, I'm probably dating myself, because it's been a few years since I have actually seen this (for me) quintessential New England tradition in action. I'm hoping somewhere back home, they still do this with their apples.
Bobbing for apples anyone??? This is a miniature (The plant next to it is Rosemary) metal container, complete with handles and in it, felted water and some yummy (looking) felted apples. Their leaves are straight pins. 

Close up  of the apples, bobbing away in their metal tub.
I was so proud of myself and then, a moment of panic…… the group is called the Sewn Spaces swap, and dang it, there wasn't a sewn thing in this pin cushion. My partner has all kinds of whimsical examples in her mosaic, but nearly all had some sewing in/on them. So, I figured, another apple, this one sewn probably would be well received.
Red Delicious apple- sewn with different quilting cottons. The bottom is weight to keep it up right. The stem and leaf are felt. 
another view of the apple pin cushion hanging in the apple tree. (I love that apple fabric and couldn't resist using it in this project).
and just for some perspective, the sewn apple, which is about the size of a store bought red delicious apple, is about the same width as the bobbing for apples pin cushion and double the height.
I sure hope my partner likes them apples……...


  1. Wow, those are both super awesome! I bet your partner will love them!

  2. Both very cool! I think they still bob for apples here...

  3. These are sooo cute! :D


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