Monday, October 24, 2011

It's all about choices

Ok, that about sums it up, choices- we've got lots of them and and each day we make even more. So, why not with  Flickr swaps too. First we choose to join a swap. Then the swap moderators choose to let us participate, or not. We receive our partners and then, secretly look through their choices (Mosaics, likes, dislikes……) For this swap, round 2 of the Goodie Bag Swap, is no different- more choices, 2 specifically. For me, both bags were "advanced" by my standards and my choice, (you could choose, simple, medium and advanced) and now that I have made 2, I will let my partner choose which bag she would like to have. (Which then saves me from choosing for her). Or, perhaps I'll let you readers choose which bag she should get- choices, choices…….. so MANY choices. I don't even know if my partner will find her way to this blog post. Or if she does, perhaps she will choose not to comment. I'm hoping she will, because she will have a hand then, in choosing which bag she will receive. I guess if she never finds her way here- well, then, dear readers- you will choose for her- so choose well!!

Choice #1- Sweet Harmony Bag by Amy Butler (all was not harmonious when making this bag- did she choose that name as a contradiction in terms or the sense of relief one felt upon completion). The sheer volume of pattern parts to cut out was phenominal. When pattern pieces were stacked on top of one another the pile was almost 3" tall. That Lady sure loves her interfacing.
pieced exterior pocket with piped cording
Kona coal and various yummy quilting cottons
13 x 9 x 4"

other side- also pieced exterior pocket

"secret" cell phone pocket

interior zippered and open pockets. Roomy central pocket. It's fall, so Alexander Henry's apple fabric used as the lining seemed very apropos. 

Choice#2: Cross body Bag, original design. I got real friendly with my seam ripper on this bag after I realized that I had included one too many pieces (did I mention there were lots of "pattern" pieces with this bag too) when sewing the lining and ended up with a zippered pocket without a back. I mean a project isn't a PROJECT without a lot bit of seam ripping it "seams". Being directionless and working from a sketch of-my-own-making often lends itself to considerable back-tracking. I had an end product in mind when I started, I just took the scenic route to get there.
One side with open (magnetic snap) pocket. Ikea decor weight fabric (grey) with chartreuse/ mustardy-yellow corded trim. Zippered main bag compartment (top). Teal strapping.
13 x 11.5 x 3"

reverse side, Ikea decor weight fabric, grey and white, zippered outside pocket. Ikea fabric fussy cut for front and back to maximize pattern layout and scale.

"hidden" cell phone pocket- borrowed that idea from the Sweet Harmony bag. 

close-up of cell phone pocket. The bag's main grey color is more "true" in this photo. The closure is velcro with a decorative button sewn over the top.

interior side pocket, with a space (far left) for a pen(cil).  Pockets  inside  big enough for a cell phone or small pad of paper.
Despite my whining about the (dis)harmoniousness of the Amy Butler bag and my seam ripping extravaganza with the cross body bag- I did really enjoy both the process and the final product- the journey, you might say.  I might even try to make the Sweet Harmony bag again- but this time I'll try a little meditation (ohm) before I tackle all that interfacing.

So dear followers/ partner/ partner who is also a blog-follower, which would you choose?  Let me know which one and why- remember, it's your choice.


  1. They are both beautiful! I realize that I am not even a part of the swap, but if I had to pick just one, I would say #2. I love how modern and sleek it is, and I am a big fan of cross body bags - it would definitely get used on a daily basis. :-) Excellent work on both designs!!!

  2. Oh my word! These are SO lovely! I can't imagine parting with either of them. it it were me - I would choose bag #2. Grand job! ♥

  3. Great Job! I'm going to go against the current flow...I really like the Sweet Harmony bag (#1). I think it's the patch work pockets, curved edges of the pockets and the yummy apple fabric on the inside...I just love that bag!

  4. I'm not in this swap so I know I'm not your partner, but I love that second bag for a bunch of reasons, including the longer strap for cross body. I have issues with my neck so that sort of thing just works better for me. But I also love those Ikea fabrics you used -- it really looks like two different bags when you flip it around. But whichever one you choose to make, kudos to you. These are both well done! :)

  5. Well I'm not in this swap, so I know it isn't for me, but man would that be a hard choice, because they both are FABULOUS! Great work!

  6. Oh I wish I was in this swap! Those are both fab. I know what you mean about AB bag pieces though, the cutting seems to go on FOREVER!

    I love the fabric in #2, but I really love the patchwork in #1, so while they're both fab, I'd vote for #1 for the patchwork crosses

  7. Wow, those are both really great bags...I like them both but since we can't pick both (boo) then I'll pick #2. I like it better because it has one strap. And I like the fabric :) I don't think anyone would be disappointed if they got either one of them..

  8. I like bag #2. I've always loved that Ikea fabric, and the outside pocket with the cell phone pocket is right up my alley! I love the way you used the print on the outside, and a grey bag will go with my winter wardrobe. Crossing my fingers! :)

  9. I love them both, but I am not in the swap. I have to say I especially like the shape and style of the bag you designed.

  10. I would enjoy both but the second one is my favorite just because of the simplicity of it and I love that fabric!


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