Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm going to the Dogs, You?

My last tutorial day. A bit of an ending in a way for a very busy month of scraps, creativity and stash busting. I hope that you have had a great time following along and making the tutorials that tickled your fancy. Now, a word- I KNOW this is all about stash busting and although this next project, by itself, will in NO way bust your entire stash, it is a great scrap project and I guarantee a snap to make. I'm thinking you WILL want to make loads of these and have them as little gifts for your friends with pets, or for your friends pets. You can even make these to match the upcoming holidays and if you have an embroidery module for your sewing machine, adding a wee monogram or the pets name would be a lovely touch. So, here goes. Knowing all of you, I don't even need much in the way verbal description, but I'll add it just in case my picture is not worth a thousand words.

This is for Sandi- she's on my sewing advisory bored board
scrap fabric at least 6 x 7"
elastic, about 6"
4" of ribbon, about 1/2 to 3/4" in width
sewing machine and supplies
** please use 1/4" seam allowance
Supplies: scrap fabric, ribbon, elastic and a small carabiner.

Cut your fabric into a rectangle 6 x 7 inches

Iron towards the wrong side of fabric, 1/4"

Fold down again 1" of fabric, press


Insert elastic (remember, your casing will depend on the width of your elastic. You can adjust accordingly).

With the elastic in place stitch down (close to edge) one edge of the elastic, anchoring it in place.

Pull gently on the free end of the elastic gathering the rectangle slightly. Pin free edge of elastic so the gathers do not undo.


Stitch in place, close to edge. Clip excess elastic.

Cut a piece of ribbon 4" in length, fold in half and pin to right side of fabric just at the elastic. Fold rectangle in half, keeping elastic at top and stitch, reinforcing the top opening. 
Sew along the bottom, using the same 1/4" seam allowance.

Make bottom gussets by folding pouch so that bottom seams and a side seam align. Sew about 1" from tip. Clip corner. 

Repeat on other side, and clip. You may zig zag your fabric cut edges if you so desire.


My dachshund poop bag pouch. Clip onto your pets leash and you will always be prepared. Make them for your friends so that they will be prepared too. Remove the carabiner to wash. 
Don't forget to check in with the Flickr group and get your pictures posted. You can't win a prize if you don't post your pictures.  Tomorrow will be the last day to post photos, so get going!!!


  1. Adorable!! I made something similar last year -- but for babies, not puppies. :)
    I want to tell you and all your faithful puppy-mama readers...the rolls of bags in the dog aisle are MORE expensive than the rolls of identical bags in the baby aisle. (at least at my Target) (and the difference was at least a dollar more, if you can believe it!)

  2. Oh, this is great! I have just moved to the city and want to do more training with my dogs outside (they follow my commands perfectly inside the house, but once we walk out that door, well . . . I guess there are too many distractions), and have been looking for a TREAT bag that I could clip onto my belt or the dog's leash for when we go walking. I've been unimpressed with what I've seen on the market, poor reviews, overly complicated, etc., so I decided last week to make my own. I'm going to use this pattern. You have perfect timing!! :) Thanks a bunch for the tute!!!

  3. What a fantastic project! I love it and can see myself making lots of these! Cute AND functional!


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