Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 101

True, it's a clever title, but it's an even better acknowledgement. A friend-to-friend {virtual} blogger high-five. Thanks to Celynn at The Sunflower Patch for passing it on my way. Kind of serendipitous that her virtual (low calorie) cupcakes came on the heels of these outrageous, "Turkey TV dinner" cupcakes made by the youngest member of my family and her best friend.
TV Dinner cupcakes, Top row: The turkey "legs"
Bottom row, left to right: mashed potatoes with butter and gravy, peas and carrots, and the quintessential TV dinner dessert- chocolate pudding (with sprinkles)!

It cracks me up, that they plan these cup-cake-making-get-togethers, (yes, they have done this before) inspired by the very cute, now 2 book series, "Hello Cupcake" and "What's new cupcake" by, Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  Just flipping through the pages of those books makes you smile.  Speaking of smiling, I do have a few things to do now…...  (I did edit this a bit CeLynn, well, you'll see).
1. Put the cute photo on my blog (check)
2. Tell you 10 things that make me happy (deep breath and not in any particular order)
     1. my garden (except weeding)
     2. finishing a project without having to use a seam ripper
     3. a good book
     4. coffee with friends (or wine after a respectable hour)
     5. surprise packages in the mail (I think this would qualify more as a dream, but hey….)
     6. the ocean, anywhere
     7. listening to my children play piano and violin
     8. outrageous cupcakes- why not! and the friend who lets other people's children bake them at their
         house- thanks Lisa!!!!!
     9. carpool
     10. my family (check, check, check)

3. I now should mention several other bloggers and their blogs. I consider these people my blogging muses, even though I have never met some of them in person. (Although that would be so cool if I met all of you some day).

     1. Melissa at We Shall Sew
     2. Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict
     3. Marci at Marci Girl designs
     4. Erin at Bittle Bear
     5. Mary at Fairly Merry
     6. Julie at Distant Pickles
     7. Cassy at Domesticass
     8. Bec at Dreamfctry
     9. Kelly at Blue Bird Sews
     10. Jenna at Sew Happy Geek

 If you follow my blog or just happen upon it, and need/like/want some blogging high-fives- please put the cute picture (Happy 101) on your blog. If it inspires you to post about it, post away. If it plants the seeds of  cupcake making with friends, even better. Tell your readers about YOUR muses and if you also make awesome cupcakes- send me the picture and I'll post it here. I think a day of cupcake posting might just be in order.  (Recipes too if you want, or a link to your blog with the recipe- even better).  Either way- I do recommend you check out these blogs- (mostly sewing and quilting, although some other stuff too)- if your inspiration-o-meter is running on empty. These ladies are surely creative to the extreme and inspire me daily.

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  1. Love your Way cool version! Off to check out some blogs (a fore mentioned) :)


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