Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swaps are addicting…….

…….. and as if I can't get enough of the ones I sign up for, I'm hosting one with some really cool and talented ladies, Jenna at Sew Happy Geek and Kelly at Blue Bird Sews. (There is method to this madness, or so I have managed to convince myself). You see, the general premise of swaps is first, you sign up, and then you make fun stuff and finally, you get fun stuff in return. If you've followed this blog for even a little while you have seen my ultra-fabulous sewing machine cover that I received from Marjory Peck (Pecks Pieces).
My cover from Marjory Peck

 (We were partners for each other, but didn't know that and I blogged extensively about the machine cover I was making for her as well in the Sewn Spaces Swap).
This is the cover I sent to Marjory

Then I joined the Goodie Bag swap and got this from Kristy Daum (Love Old Houses). She designed this pattern for me.
My Bag from Kristy
 I made my bag for Kim Burley (quiltinkimmie).

 At the same time I have been in (still am in) several (more than 3) Bee block swaps-  all those pictures are on my Flickr page. And then there is the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap (also blogged here).

 And yes, Pot Holder Pass round 8 (missed the first 7- I think for me, that is probably a good thing). This round it's potholders, tea towels and reusable shopping bags. I signed up for potholders and a shopping bag.  I got 2 different partners. I got to work pronto.

Top of potholder. I went with oval so the little corners on a square would stay out of the food.
The theme was summer, picnic and bbq. I sent everything you would need. A plate and utensils, some chicken, cherries for a pie and of course the check table cloth and the ants.

back of pot holders, my partner likes selvages.

My reusable shopping bag, from the Jane Market Bag pattern (available on ETSY). I pieced the front pocket, and added a flower pin to snazzy things up. The flower can be worn separately.

The "back" pocket. Also pieced, just different.  The interior is a lovely robin's egg blue with birds all over it!
Well, hopefully you followed everything so far- because, after having so much dang fun,  it seemed only logical that I wouldn't say no to hosting a swap. I know, I know, but what CAN I say (obviously it's not NO!!!!). Heck it's the summer and I'm having fun. So, go sign up for a swap- It's fun, creative and like every other creative, fun swap, you will get stuff at the end. Hint: {without any pretense at being subtle}-  go sign up for the STASHTACULAR over in Flickr land. Take the pledge that goes with the swap and get ready to have more fun than you've had in a while.


  1. You are a very lucky recipient! I just joined a bunch of swaps too. Can't wait to start swapping all the goodies

  2. Yes, I'm kinda thinking I will have to sign up for this swap....such a great idea!

  3. You make such beautiful bags!! They're both really lovely :) lucky recipients.


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