Friday, June 24, 2011

A little diversion

Finally!!!! I have a full-on photo of one of the first of my nieces' 16th birthday quilts. I posted a different one earlier, for Allee, and now, one that is going to college this fall, Mae's quilt. I am posting it now, for 2 reasons. First, I sent it to Mae and forgot to take a "whole" quilt picture (I think I was excited it was done, perhaps???)…… and with the upcoming STASHTACULAR only weeks way, I want to point out that this quilt, queen size at 90" x 98" is made ENTIRELY from my stash and my scraps. (OK almost, I did have to buy the backing, but, I never choose my backing until the quilt top is complete, and since I use the entire backing fabric making the quilt, in this case 8 yards, I never have leftover!). There are over 250 fabric scraps, and 40 different threads used to piece and quilt this beauty, which still reigns as one of my all time favorites! So, there are many things one can make from the scrap bin and from stash. Give it a try!!!! Come join the STASHTACULAR.

Some stats (what I can remember)
Size 90" x 98"
Fabrics: over 250 different, entirely from my stash and scrap bin. Threads, over 40 (busted my thread stash too!).
Design: Fly by the seat of my pants, original. Modified (stretching it I know) log cabin with a twist
Started and finished in 2008
Pieced and Quilted: by me on my sewing machine.
Quilting: straight line, in a box pattern, starting in the center and continuing outward.

My in-laws were back east for Mae's HS graduation and graciously took these photos for me

Each rectangle has a color "flavor" to it. Top left to right: purple, pink, green, hum.
Bottom: left to right: orange, blue, red, yellow.
(The hum rectangle, looks like a bit of everything…..)

some close-ups

The stitching can be seen in the pink rectangle

more close-ups

I think the stitching can be seen on the back as well, which is (for me)  uncharacteristically plain. Typically, I will piece the block that didn't make it on the front onto the back, but for this baby, I think I had used so many of my scraps, that I didn't have much worth showcasing on the back. Or all I had left over are scraps I wouldn't even put on the front. So, the back is simple and Mae's favorite color! 


  1. Awesome!! I love all the bright colors!

  2. Beautiful all the colour.

  3. this is breathtakingly beautiful

  4. Wow, lucky lucky lucky luck girl! And all from stash and scraps! You rock Stephanie!

  5. Awesome quilt :) Now that's what I call a scrap buster!

  6. I really love how your quilts with several colors come together! This quilt is amazing!!!


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