Monday, June 13, 2011

I really couldn't have said it any better…….


It's coming sooner than you think, so perhaps we should all be good girls scouts and BE PREPARED. I have the ultimate privilege of co-hosting (or should it be tri-hosting- is that even a word?) the 2011 STASHTACULAR July 11- August 5th, 2011, with 2 other fun and creative ladies,  Jenna at Sew Happy Geek and Kelly at Blue Bird Sews.  I have been furiously photographing, sewing, emailing, learning new stuff that I thought I knew but didn't,  and typing like a mad-woman in preparation for this really fun event. (In addition, bonus for me, I have had the best time getting to know 2 really funny, smart and thoughtful ladies). So, grab the STASHTACULAR button, put it on your blog or on your Flickr page, tell all your friends out there in blog and Flickr land, and then head on over to Jenna's Blog at Sew Happy Geek for the details. There is a bit of "prep" work on your part but it will be "sew" worth it, pinky swear. (I'd personally like to Thank Jenna for letting me borrow her STASHTACULAR introduction page- she did all the typing and editing and I did ask permission to NOT have to regurgitate all that info and she, (the nice person that she is), said yes!!!)

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