Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A winner and a Quilt

OK first, the winner of the box bag, selected at random from all the lovely suggestions, both on my blog as well as via email goes to…….. Karen Linton! Congratulations Karen. Please send your address to me at spontaneousthreads@gmail.com and I will mail out your box bag to you. I must say that everyone's suggestions were wonderful and I have used several in filling the bag. The first gift goes this Friday and hopefully it will be a big hit! I would like to extend a particular thank you to Melissa for all the wonderful links to additional items that I could make using the scraps I have. I am including them here because they are worth looking at. I will be making one of the headbands and I will post photos when complete. Here they are:
simple but sweet headband
ruffle headband

Ok- the Quilt. Done, finally- I participated in the Quilter's Block-a-Palooza this past spring. A novelty for me in MANY ways. One, committing to make a quilt, not knowing what the final quilt would look like. Two, keeping with the fast paced 2 block a week schedule. Three, trying to follow directions- I did the first 2 really well. The last, not so much, but, I did have great fun. I made several extra blocks working off the original patterns with minor modifications. Luckily, finishing options were given, (I like options), and keeping with my goal to use fabric that I had, I really made an effort in finishing the quilt to use up the scraps generated while piecing the top. And I must say (again) there were a tremendous amount of scraps. Although I did not use all the scraps, I used many, and although I did have to order additional solid fabric to complete the back (I was one yard short). So, here is the finished quilt- (I did blog about the individual quilt blocks as I made them in previous posts- if you want to torture inform yourself you can go back and read all about what I was doing in February and March, 2010). I'm linking this quilt over at Sew Cute Tuesday and Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story.

Top, before the quilting

back, front side down, taped to floor

back (under), batting and top

all those basting pins (I'm too lazy to hand baste, so I prefer pin basting)

front- quilted! I used a meandering stitch on the center and a straight stitch around the border.

straight quilting stitch in the border. I used a variegated thread on top and a solid on the back

Modern back. Kona solid in Paprika, left over 1/2 square triangles, pinwheels and geese

left over pinwheel , meandering stitch in a solid color thread on the back


  1. Wow! Gorgeous color! Wait a minute. You put in all those pins, but think you're to lazy to hand baste? Personally, I can baste in wrinkles with either method.

  2. I'm thinking that it took awhile to put in all those pins! That being said,I also pin baste. Such a beautiful quilt!

  3. oh my, this is amazing! simply wonderful! the colors are bold, blocks are interesting, and that you machine quilted it, and it looks top notch! I am really impressed. Well Done! I just want to stare at it :)

  4. wow... this looks like a lot of work! You have a great amount of patience. The quilt looks wonderful!


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