Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scraps déjà vu

I think scraps reproduce in my sewing room when I am not looking. I thought I used LOTS of scraps when I made many fabric cuff bracelets for a 13th birthday (blogged on May 4th). I was wrong, so, so, wrong- however, there are a few more 13th birthdays that my daughter will be attending so, scraps- here I come.

the scraps that still remain sewn together to make a big piece-o-scrap (don't say that 3 times fast)

cutting rectangles of scraps and the lining

adding the zipper


peek inside

second box bag

little felt heart and button adornment

2 box bags completed

Finished- the scraps on one run length wise the other cross wise.  Both have little ribbon tabs.

I used as a jumping off point/ and sewing inspiration, directions from  Modern Quilt Love's box-pouch-tutorial and modified parts of it to accommodate my use of scraps. It's a great little project that you can finish in an hour or 2 especially if you have all your scraps materials on hand. We plan to fill these with goodies that 13 year old girls would love. 
I have a challenge for my small but loyal readership. Leave me a comment about what you would put in these little box bags (they measure 8x3x3), if YOU were giving these to a 13 year old girl as her 13th birthday gift. 
BONUS: I will send a little box bag to the person with the best suggestion(s). (You will have to fill it with your own stuff, however).  Make sure I can reply to your comment so that I can contact you and let you know how fabulous your suggestions are.  If you're feeling generous, tell all your friends to leave some suggestions as well. I look forward to reading what you all come up with. (Suggestions good until May 17, 2011). Thanks for your help!


  1. those little box bags are fantastic. What a great use of scraps.

  2. The nail polish suggestion was a great one, but you could also get Hello Kitty stuff, I don't know a young tween who doesn't love Hello Kitty, like stickers, lip gloss that sort of thing! Oh and Paul Frank (at Target) is major cool too!

  3. So cute! I would fill them with Justin Beiber if you could - ha ha. Maybe a lock of his hair. Actually, lip gloss, nail polish, plastic bracelets, fun little rings, maybe some candy. An i-Tunes gift card would almost always be a win for a 13 yr old girl. Enjoy!

  4. I would put something higher tech in, like ear buds, or a nifty ipod/phone case, or an itunes gift card. If the budget is high enough, a tiny ipod.

  5. Yeah, Leanne is right...and the itunes gift card is a great idea! Or a Starbucks gift card!

  6. I LOVE those bags. They are so cute. I would fill them with funky or bright colored nail polishes, pink lip glosses, silly bands, and maybe a "make your own" bracelet kit with beads and stretch elastic.


  7. What a great use of scraps!
    I think it's be a great idea to put in a lip gloss, nail polish, and a small body spray. What 13-year-old girl doesn't like to look and smell pretty?
    And you could make some hair bands with some more of your scraps and put a couple of those in there too!

  8. I'd stick with some really cool nail polish and shiny lip gloss, but would add some fav (ie cool) gum or mints along with one party memorabilia thing - like a group photo zipper pull or charm for a bracelet or similar.

  9. I'm new to your blog
    your use of color has drawn me in.

  10. I love these pouches.
    Yours are so lovely
    and useful to boot ! !


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