Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More creative uses for scraps

I have a confession to make- I was going to whip up a few mug rugs as birthday goodies for my daughter's 13th birthday party. So, I got started and even blogged about it- perhaps you remember????? Well, my soon to be 13 year old, told me, she really didn't want a birthday party, huh? (I wanted a birthday party- how could she not?). So, I was sneaky and emailed her friends to join us ( keeping it a secret) for a quick ice cream treat on her birthday right after dinner- or for dinner if it's just soooo busy. I'm thinking, it's a week night, there is a soccer game, then homework- EVERYONE is busy, perhaps a few (5 or so) of her friends will have parents available to drive them and join us, I can have the mug rugs ready to go...... BUT- everyone is coming, 16 girls (yikes). So, change of plans- I saw a really cute idea in ( 101 patchwork projects + quilts- page 25) for (what I think are pretty cute) fabric cuff bracelets. So, this is what happened



sewing scrap strips to one another

stitching fabric to heavy weight interfacing

lots of sewn strips (8.5 inches in length)

for example

done! I zig zagged the edges, put a button hole on one end (boy that was fun 16 times) and a colorful button on the other. I also added a small inspirational charm to each bracelet (like, love, laughter, friendship, etc.) I guess these would also make a cute christmas garland (like the paper chains from our childhoods), just in different colors- and perhaps with velcro instead of buttons.

packed up and ready to go.... shhh it's a surprise!

I will find homes for those mug rugs- I just couldn't get 16 done in that short period of time. (I wish). Happy birthday Remi- xo MOM.


  1. these are super cute! what an awesome mom you are!

  2. What a CUTE idea! They look wonderful. I bet the girls will be excited to get one.

  3. Yay! Sounds like fun. I hope your daughter enjoys the surprise and everyone loves the bracelets.

  4. Very cute! Bet the girls love them :)


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