Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Protecting your blog and your photos

For all of you new to blogging (me included), PLEASE go check out Jenna's post at Sew Happy Geek. She is hosting a multi-part tutorial on protecting what is yours. Jenna recently had intellectual and creative property stolen from her blog and reposted on a blog that makes money when people visit that blog. There was no mention that the stolen tutorial and photos came from her. The other person just took them as their own. She has spent numerous hours trying to get "the powers that be" to shut down the other blog. You can chronicle her progress via her blog to see what happened and what's she has been able to do. The best thing we all can do now is spread the word. I you receive my blog feed, go check out Jenna's blog and then let people who follow your blog know what is going on out there. Link back to her tutorials and spread the word. Let's make it difficult for those stinkers people who are stealing photos and tutorials and claiming them for themselves. And let's all be good bloggers; if your using someones pattern (even if it's free) give them a shout out and some blog love. Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to link back to their blog, but it's so worth it. Yes, there are lots of ideas out there and, yes, they all can't be originals, but if you know you're borrowing- be nice and link back. And if you already do some of these blog- protective measures and have developed some must use tactics PLEASE share your info with Jenna or blog about them and post comments here and on Jenna's blog Sew Happy Geek, or pop us an email so that we can link back to you.  She's trying to get the word out and it would be awesome if this could go "viral" (in a really good way). Have a great day and if you can, spread the word.

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  1. I spread the word in my blog today. Thanks for posting this.


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