Tuesday, February 19, 2013

X-Factor Pillows, 2013

Now is the time I can "tell" about my current X-factor pillow entry. Not, who gets the pillow, but what's up with the pillow, per se.
This last challenge entailed squares, all squares, all of the same size, no sashing. Over appliqué was OK as a detail…..

"Shades of Gray with a Citrus Squeeze"
16.5 x 16.5" square composed of 64- 2" finished squares
Shades of gray  charm swap fabric (various grey quilting cottons) and a citron yellow with greenish undertones (Kate Spain Central Park)
Pieced and quilted with Auriful 50 wt, off white
Raw edge appliqué, circles and their cut outs (Cut from 2 1/2" fabric  squares on a Go-baby)
      circle applique FM quilted in a swirl pattern
      open circle, FM quilted in shadow with trapunto centers
Overall dense straight line quilting

straight line quilting and trapunto centers

3-D trapunto center


Partner, hope you love it!

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